Praxis Information

What Praxis Test(s) do I need to get in?

Everyone must receive a passing score on the Praxis II Content Knowledge exam in their specific area before they can be admitted into the program.  Middle Grades applicants must complete the Middle School: Content Knowledge test code 5146 with a score of 150 of better to be accepted into the program.  Secondary applicants must complete the test that corresponds with their desired field for licensure.  Details can be found on this website under secondary education.

If you do not meet the ACT or SAT requirements you must take the Praxis I, also called Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators. Information on that test can be found here. 

What Praxis Tests do I need to graduate?

MAT students will be required to take at least one more Praxis exam in addition to the ones entered above.  Middle grades teacher candidates must complete Teaching Reading: Elementary Education test code 5203 with a score of at least a 162, and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades 5-9 test code 5623 with a score of at least 158.  Secondary candidates must pass Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades 7-12 test code 5624 with a score of at least 155. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Praxis™ Series Tests

1. How do I know which test(s) to take?

Check the State Requirements page for Tennessee - Each state using The Praxis Series™ tests sets its own specific testing requirements.

2. Where do I find information on test centers, test dates or deadlines?

This information is found on the Praxis™ Test Centers and Dates page

3. How do I register for a Praxis test?

See How to Register for registration information, including how to register online

4. Is there a registration fee for my test?

There is no registration fee for your Praxis test. See Test Fees for information on specific test and service fees.

5. How do I add a test to my registration, change my test date, change my test center or test?

Learn how to make changes to your registration on our Praxis Registration Changes page.

6. What do I do if I forget my user name and password?

Follow the appropriate link on the account sign-in page to view your user name or create a new password.

7. Where can I find information to help me prepare for my Praxis test?

View the Prepare for a Test page for free and affordable test prep materials.

8. When will my scores be available and where can I find help understanding my scores?

Praxis score report schedules and Praxis score information, including a downloadable score guide, is available on the Scores page.

9. How do I cancel my registration and receive a refund?

Learn about canceling your registration and receiving a refund on the PraxisRegistration Changes page of our website.

10. How can I contact ETS about The Praxis Series tests?

Visit the Praxis Contact Us page.


To register for Praxis exams create a My Praxis Account. Please see Educational Testing Services (ETS)/ Praxis for Tennessee.

Required tests for program admission include the Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Tests. These tests are available in computer-delivered format. For the TEML program at ETSU, the Core tests are waived dependent on an ACT score of 22 or higher [21 if taken prior to 1989] or an SAT score of 1020 or higher [920 if taken prior to April 1, 1995.] See How to Apply.

In general, unless it is specifically stated that a calculator is permitted or required for a particular test, calculators may not be used on any Praxis tests (see Calculator Use).
Remember, in order for us to recommend you for a Tennessee teaching license, we must have your report of scores directly from the Praxis Series Services.  To avoid an additional fee to have  scores sent to us, designate East Tennessee State University, College of Education, Recipient Code #1198, as one of your score recipients when you register for the tests. Although you select ETSU (code 1198) as a recipient, the scores do not come directly to the TEML office or to the Residency Field Offices. It is your responsibility to bring a copy of all of your passing Praxis exam scores to the TEML Office in 509B Warf-Pickel Hall.

In addition, we suggest that you designate the Tenn. Dept. of Education, Recipient Code #8190. The Tennessee Department of Education cannot accept score reports that do not have social security numbers.  This requires that you enter your social security number in the test registration.

Additional Admission Requirement: PRAXIS II Test Information for Middle and Secondary is available here.


It takes about 1 month to receive your scores, so please leave enough time to receive your PASSING  scores. Submit a copy to the TEML Office in 418 Warf-Pickel Hall in order to be eligible for admission to the program. You are also required to take at least one additional Praxis II Exam after your second semester. All passing scores must be received before you can continue your final Residency Year.

**All information retrieved from ETS.