Student Personnel Concentration: "Gateway to College and University Leadership"


All students move through their program as part of an online cohort group. Cohort students will begin the program in the same semester and continue through the program with the same group, taking a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester. Each cohort has a site through D2L specifically designed to assist students in advisement with their cohort advisor and other concentration specific information.

Master of Education

The master's degree with a concentration in Student Personnel is appropriate for entry or mid-level staff in higher education. Graduates of this master's program will increase their knowledge of leadership principles and have the ability to become more effective members of their organizations.

The master's degree program of study consists of 36 credit hours taken in consecutive semesters. Students will also complete an appropriate field or action research project at the end of the program.



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Student Personnel Concentration Advisor

Dr. Good

Dr. Don Good

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