Emergent Inquiry Cohort

Online Master's Certificate in Early Childhood Emergent Inquiry

ECEE Brochure 2015

The Early Childhood Education Emergent Inquiry program is an online master's certificate program for individuals who have a bachelor or master's degree in Early Childhood or a related field (e. g., Psychology, Special Education, Elementary Education, etc.). The program requires successful completion of the Certificate of Emergent Inquiry program (18 credit hours), at which point a student can decide to apply to and be accepted into the master's program in either the ECED, MTEA (Master Teacher) concentration or the ECED, RSEA concentration with up to 18 credits from the certificate being eligible toward the degree which will require completion of the following additional courses: ECED 5950 Methods of Research, ECED 5210 Advanced Child Development, ECED 5167 Constructivist Approach to Math and Science, ECED 5335 Assessing and Evaluation Young Children, ECED 5345 Research in Early Childhood, and ECED 5570 Practicum in Early Childhood. Anyone with questions can contact Dr. Jane Broderick at or or by phone at 423-439-7695.


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