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We are starting our third cohort in Fall 2016. With the exception of one all-day Saturday orientation (date TBD), all classes will be 100% online, so the entire master's degree can be completed from a distance or during non-work hours. The cohort will move through at the rate of 2 courses per semester, so in just 24 months, you can have a Master of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education.
This is a non-licensure degree, but for students who already have licensure K-6, 1-6, K-12, etc. the courses will meet the requirements for an add-on PreK-3 license in the state of TN. Out of state students can get a special eRate. All the details you need to know are in the brochure, including information about class schedules, application procedures, etc. Anyone with questions can contact Dr. Amy Malkus at or 410-463-0841.

Please click here or on the brochure cover to the left to download a copy of our MTEA Online Cohort brochure.




Q. What are the requirements for admission to the program?

A. We require a minimum 3.0 GPA at the undergraduate level for unconditional admission. Students with a 2.8-3.0 GPA are sometimes admitted conditionally depending on circumstances (e.g., letters of recommendation, work experience, etc.). Conditionally admitted students must have no less than a B in any of their first 3 graduate classes and a minimum 3.0 GPA overall in their first 9 hours in order to continue in the program.

Q. Are there any tests (e.g., GREs) required?

A. No.

Q. Do I need to be a licensed teacher in order to apply?

A. While many of our online cohort students are already licensed teachers, this is NOT a requirement. Anyone wishing to get a Master's Degree in Early Childhood is welcome to apply. 

Q. How do apply?

A. You can apply online at Please mention in your application that you are interested in the MTEA Online Cohort.

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