Add-On License

PreK-3 Add-On Information

Contact Angela Murray, Certification Officer, Clemmer College of Education, Box 70685, Johnson City TN 37614 or Telephone (423) 439-7562 or Email: Office located in Room 321 Warf-Pickel

  • To begin the add-on, complete the Declaration of Intent to Pursue Additional Teaching Endorsements.
  • Any substitution requests in add-on programs must be routed through the certification officer. Contact Ms. Murray for Substitution Request forms.
  • Teacher education students who are pursuing initial teaching license and wish to add credits toward an add-on endorsement may do so. Please be advised: An add-on program does not necessarily meet the requirements of a minor and substitutions or approvals made for teaching add-ons do not take the place of catalog requirements or departmental advisement for degree purposes.
  • Courses counted toward an add-on must have a minimum grade of "C-" or equivalent unless otherwise stated in this program sheet.
  • Add-ons will not be verified unless all requirements for initial Tennessee teaching license are met.
  • Praxis II Subject Area tests are required for add-ons. Request current Praxis II information for Tennessee in Room 321 Warf-Pickel Bldg. When registering for the tests, be sure to designate East Tennessee State University, Recipient Code 1198, to receive a copy of your score report. Examinee's copies are not accepted by the Office of Teacher Licensing for official verification.
  • The Application for Tennessee Teaching License or Amendment to Licensure is available in Room 321 Warf-Pickel. The candidate will complete Part I of the form, attach up to date transcripts showing all completed coursework relevant to the add-on and return to Ms. Murray for processing.

AddOn 21 AddOn 30
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