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  • Full-body, high-fidelity surgical simulator Family Medicine
    Full-body, high-fidelity surgical simulator
  • Teaching medical use of Appalachian plants Dr. Reid Blackwelder
    Teaching medical use of Appalachian plants
  • Rural Medicine Health Fair Rural Programs
    Rural Medicine Health Fair
  • Junior Clerkship Residency Programs
    Junior Clerkship
  • Rural Health Association of Tennessee Rural Programs
    Rural Health Association of Tennessee
  • James H. Quillen College of Medicine graduation 2014 Family Medicine
    James H. Quillen College of Medicine graduation 2014
  • Dr. Leigh Johnson Johnson City Clinic
    Dr. Leigh Johnson
  •  Dr. Diana Heiman teaching Johnson City Clinic
    Dr. Diana Heiman teaching
  •  Rural Medicine Rural program
    Rural Medicine

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide community-focused medical education and evidence-based, patient centered care; to improve health in rural southern Appalachia, especially among the underserved population; to model compassionate and efficient care using effective communication skills; and to advance scholarly investigation. We lead through excellence, collaboration and innovation.

John Franko, M.D.
Professor and Chair




Ebola precautionary measures
Ebola preparedness has been a priority of ETSU Department of Family Medicine recently with the outbreaks of the Ebola Virus Disease within the United States. Our goal is to provide a safe environmentwash for all our patients and staff within our clinics with early recognition and screening of all patients for assessment of symptoms, travel history, and exposure to Ebola in the last 30 days.  We have been collaborating with East Tennessee Regional Health Department, Sullivan County Health Department, and local hospitals to develop our Ebola preparedness plan. Read more

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