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Our Department of Family Medicine is heavily involved in medical student education at every level – through our staff, faculty and residents. if you are a student from another medical school, we want you to see our elective offerings, as well as find information on the process of how to apply for a rotation!

Our faculty is involved in many strategic areas of medical education, through the Admissions Committee, Professions of Medicine and the Communication Skills courses. The Quillen College of Medicine and our department are internationally known for Doctor - Patient Communication, a core part of patient centered medicine. Opportunities for additional training in these techniques can be made available for the interested student.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime through outstanding teaching and a wonderful family atmosphere. If you can't do a rotation, we hope that you will consider interviewing for our residency programs. Our faculty shines as outstanding mentors during the three years of residency training.


Reid B. Blackwelder, MD, FAAFP

AAFP President
Professor, Family Medicine
Director, Medical Student Education Division
AAFP Outstanding Teacher, 2008

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