Goals and Objectives

The educational goals in the Kingsport Family Practice Program are to (1) provide excellent family medical care for patients using the Center (2) prepare caring and competent family physicians who have a thorough foundation in the medical sciences, a well developed sense of the art of medicine, and an integrative and collaborative approach to healing and; (3) to expose students to modern family medicine.

These goals are pursued with the following objectives:

Development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in diagnosis and management of patient problems. 

Development of skills in the approach to the patient as a whole person with emphasis on wellness and health promotion.

Development of skills in problem solving.

Enhancement of communication skills.

Development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding data collection and record keeping as tools of patient care.

Development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in caring for the family as a unit.

Learning about consultation and referral.

Development of knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutics modalities employed in family medicine.

Development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes concerning the community.

Foster habits of life-long learning.

Develop self-understanding and promote personal growth.

Develop skills in reaching and maintaining a personal sense of wellness and balance.

Consolidate appreciation of family medicine as a career.

Enhance knowledge of organizational and management issues.

Promote family medicine research.

Foster skills in the use of health care teams.