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Thinking about going to medical school? Quillen students are happy to answer your questions. You may e-mail questions to any of the students listed below. Normally they will respond within a few days. However, please remember medical students have hectic lives and you may encounter delays in response during exam weeks, etc.

Questions and answers are strictly between you and the med students. No correspondence goes to the Quillen College of Medicine.

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Ask a Quillen Student

Rose Desvaristes     Jay Johnston     Casey Lawson     Travis Potter

Rose Desvaristes, M2

  Jay Johnston, M2   Casey Lawson, M2   Travis Potter, M2
  Gorica Svalina     Joshua Wienozkowski        

Gorica Svalina, M2


Joshua Wienczkowski, M2


Jason Fleenor   Ima Isang   Tina Jackson   Sean Ochsenbein
 Jason Fleenor, M3
  Ima Isang, M3   Tina Jackson, M3   Sean Ochsenbein, M3
Cornelius Powell            
 Cornelius Powell, M3

Alissa Hinkle   Christian Magallanes   Richard Rairigh   Franchesca Robichaud
 Alissa Hinkle, M4
  Christian Magallanes, M4   Richard Rairigh, M4   Franchesca Robichaud, M4


Ask a Quillen Grad


Kari Lauderback
2014 Graduate
  Tommy McLaren
2014 Graduate

Whitney Ross
2014 Graduate

  Abdul Sabri
2014 Graduate
Tara Sample
2014 Graduate
   Mario Soto
2014 Graduate




Jason Barter
2013 Graduate


Neil Hamilton
2013 Graduate


T.J. Mitchell
2013 Graduate


Sara Negrotto
2013 Graduate




Avery Nolen
2013 Graduate


 Jennifer Phemister
2013 Graduate


Jocelyn Wilson
2013 Graduate