Welcome from the Graduate President

Nate Cunningham Student WelcomeDear Students,

On behalf of the College of Public Health at East Tennessee State University, I would like to welcome you to the 2013-2014 academic school year. My name is Nate Cunningham, and I am a 2nd year Masters of Public Health Student in the department of Health Services Policy & Management, as well as the Graduate President of the Public Health Student Association.

The College of Public Health at ETSU attracted me because of its vast involvement in the local community and focus on professional development. The Johnson City community is medically centered with two health systems providing services for the region. The College of Public Health works with these and many other local organizations to provide our diverse student population with the best practical internships and experiences available prior to graduation.

The grandest feature of the College of Public Health at ETSU is the culture. Inside our College is a sense of great pride. Each department works effectively with the other to sponsor fantastic events every year. Throughout this year the College of Public Health is proud to continue the Leading Voices Lecture series, Breakfast With the Experts, Wellapalooza Health Fair, and the weekly Farmers Market— all located on campus. Although the College of Public Health is a major component of the ETSU and Johnson City community, there is abundant intimacy within our academic setting. Class sizes are appropriately condensed to create an interactive educational environment.

I am enthused to begin the school year with you. I encourage you to become involved in one or more of the numerous programs and clubs offered through the College of Public Health. I truly believe you will be impressed with the offerings of ETSU's College of Public Health and inspired to join us as an active promoter of public health in the region. Thank you, and have a great school year!

Nathan Cunningham

Graduate President, Public Health Student Association

"The groundwork of all happiness is health" –James Leigh Hunt

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