Ger Grad Cert

Gerontology Graduate Requirements

Credit Hours

Core Concentration 10
Guided Electives 6
Total 16
Core Concentration 10
HSMP 5535 Health Policy, Politics, and Analysis 3
COBH 5607 Gerontology and Health 3
IDGE 5500 Adv. Seminar in Gerontology 4

Each student, with the assistance of the assigned advisor, will design a program of study to include ten (10) hours of core requirements and a minimum of six (6) hours of guided electives to be selected from listed courses.

Guided Electives 6
ALNU 5013 Lifespan Assessment and Clinical Management 3
ALNU 5021 Case Management 2
CDIS 6310 Rehabilitative Audiology for Adults 3
FACS 5427 Diet in Disease I 3
PEXS 5977 Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases 3
PHYT 5433 Neurotherapeutics III-Geriatrics 2
COBH 5357 Thanatology 3
COBH 5110 Assessment of Individual and Community Health 3
HSMP 5510 Long-Term Care Administration 3
SOAA 5507 Sociology of the Aging 3
SOAA 5620 Sociology of Age and the Life Course 3

**Other electives as approved by the graduate faculty advisor**

Program of Study

Note: Some clinical/ discipline specific courses will have prerequisites that must be met.

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