DrPH Community Health

The Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) program offers an advanced professional degree designed for those who wish to pursue or further their career in public health practice. It prepares practitioners with competence in administration, advocacy, problem solving, research, and communication. Graduates are qualified to serve in a variety of leadership capacities at state, national, and international levels, enhancing the public’s health in both rural and urban settings.

Community Health Concentration Requirements

Credit Hours

Public Health Core 25
Required Concentration Courses 12
Culminating Experience 15
Total 58
Public Health Core 25
BSTA 5350 Biostatistics II 3
EPID 5405 Epidemiology II 3
ENVH 6100 Environmental Concerns in Public Health 3
COBH 6110 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health and Disease 3

HSMP 6130 Public Health Leadership, Policy Development, and Ethics

COBH 6150 Evaluation Research in Public Health 3
COBH 6160 Systems Approaches to Public Health Issues 3
EPID 6170 Research Applications in Public Health 3
COBH 6195 Seminar in Public Health 1
Community Health Concentration Courses (All of the Following) 12
COBH 6210 Health Assessment and Surveillance Research 3
COBH 6220 Methods in Community Health Research 3
COBH 6240 Organizing in Communities for Health Action 3
COBH 6250 Evidence-based Public Health: Best Practices in Community Health 3
Culminating Experience 15
COBH 6850 Doctor of Public Health Practicum 6
COBH 6960 Doctor of Public Health Dissertation 9

Graduation Requirements

Completion of the Dr.P.H. degree will require:

(1) a minimum of 58 semester credit hours of coursework beyond the master’s degree as described;
(2) a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
(3) passing the doctoral comprehensive candidacy examination;
(4) satisfactory completion of a practicum;
(5) passing the preliminary oral examination;
(6) completing a dissertation of publishable quality; and
(7) passing the final dissertation defense.

All students must pass Institutional Review Board certification sponsored by ETSU if working with human subjects, as well as HIPAA certification if their research/practicum falls under the requirements to secure the privacy and confidentiality of patient records.

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