Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

BSEH Program Information  

The Department of Environmental Health was formed in 1964. The B.S.E.H degree program is fully accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection and Accreditation Council and was the first in the nation to be professionally accredited and reaccredited.The purpose of our department is to prepare environmental specialists by increasing understanding of interrelationships between environmental factors and human health.

Environmental health service needs are complex and increasing because of changes brought about by economic and technological advances. Technical specialists in environmental health require a comprehensive education in basic and applied sciences. The B.S.E.H. also provides strong preparation for graduate studies.

What is Environmental Health?

Environmental health is the study of how environmental factors can impact human health, and how to identify, prevent, and control these effects.Environmental health specialists use a broad background of scientific, technical, and behavioral knowledge and skills to investigate, evaluate, and eliminate environmental conditions that may be harmful to people or communities. After studying the health problems and needs of the community, they plan and implement control programs in a variety of areas including ambient noise, hazardous substances, solid wastes, land use, pests, and housing.

Environmental Health Professionals protect human health and safety by:

  • Maintaining a safe supply of food and drinking water; Degree Competencies
  • Discovering the mechanisms of environmentally related diseases such as insects, rodents and other animal carriers of disease;
  • Treating and disposing of solid and toxic wastes;
  • Reducing air, water, food and noise pollution;
  • Ensuring safe schools, playgrounds and workplaces by controlling physical, biological, and chemical hazards.

Where Do Graduates Work?

  • Federal government
  • State and local government
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Armed Forces

The professors were always accessible and truly wanted students to learn and succeed.  Years after graduation I have gone back and visited the department and the professors still remembered me.

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