Public Health Practice

The U.S. health system is the largest industry in the nation. The fields of public health and health services administration are experiencing rapid employment growth. Department graduates can pursue multiple career paths, including positions in health services management or policy analysis and evaluation. Graduates work with:

  • Health care organizations (hospitals, group practices, clinics and long-term care facilities)
  • Public health agencies at the local, state and federal levels
  • Nonprofit community-based organizations
  • Managed care organizations
  • Industry, pharmaceutical and other proprietary organizations

Careers & Field Experiences

Graduates may have one or more roles including:

  • Planning, directing and coordinating the delivery of health services
  • Improving efficiency and quality of health services
  • Developing and analyzing health policy
  • Planning, developing, managing and evaluating health programs
  • Managing human resources
  • Developing financial reports and budgets
  • Leading health professional teams

Because of these varied roles, the College of Public Health offers you the chance to experience a "real world" practice setting. This is a unique and superb opportunity for you, but you will only realize the full potential by putting forth your utmost initiative and effort. Dive in, be inquisitive and make the most of this experience. Seek every opportunity to demonstrate your competence and test your skills for your future endeavors.

Careers in Public Health      
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