Faculty & Staff

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Arsham Alamian Assistant Professor
Xuefeng Liu Associate Professor
Mildred Maisonet Assistant Professor
Michael McKamey Instructor
Claudia Kozinetz Professor and Chair
Megan Quinn Assistant Professor
Kesheng Wang Associate Professor
Liang Wang Assistant Professor
John Wilson Associate Professor
Shimin Zheng Assistant Professor
Rickie Carter Executive Aide


Community and Behavioral Health

Katie Baker Assistant Professor
Joel Hillhouse Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Mary Ann Littleton Associate Professor
J. Mikki Johnson-Maczka Instructor and Field Internship Coordinator
Robert Pack Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Aimee Rowe Instructor
Deborah Slawson Associate Professor, Chair and DrPH Coordinator
Jodi Southerland Instructor
Michael Stoots Associate Professor and BSPH Program Coordinator
Trisha Rogers Executive Aide


Environmental Health

Creg Bishop Professor Emeritus
Ying Li Assistant Professor
Kurt Maier Professor, Chair and Environmental Health Graduate Programs
(MSEH & PhD) Coordinator
Tricia Metts Associate Professor
Phillip Scheuerman Professor and BSEH Program Coordinator
Ken Silver Associate Professor
Brian Evanshen Research Specialist
Fran Gaby Technical Clerk
Charles Patton Executive Aide


Health Sciences

Julie Bowers Assistant Professor
Patrick Brown Assistant Professor
Ranjan Chakraborty Professor and Chair
Michelle Chandley Assistant Professor
Allan Forsman Professor and Director of Honors in Discipline: Human Health
Sean Fox Instructor & Laboratory Coordinator
Michael Gallagher Professor Emeritus
Bert Lampson Associate Professor and Health Sciences Graduate Program Coordinator
Gene McCoy Professor Emeritus
Eric Mustain Associate Professor
Edward Onyango Associate Professor
Effiong E. Otukonyong Assistant Professor
Jonathan Peterson Assistant Professor
Christopher L. Pritchett Assistant Professor
Laraine Powers Associate Professor and Director of Honors  in Discipline: Microbiology
Burl Williams Associate Professor
Phyllis Cooper Executive Aide
Robin Grindstaff Laboratory Assistant


Health Services Management and Policy

Kate Beatty Assistant Professor
Wilsie Bishop Professor and Vice President for Health Affairs
Colin Chesley Instructor and Field Internship Coordinator
Karen Ervin Instructor
Amal Khoury Professor and Chair
Hadii Mamudu Assistant Professor
Paula Masters Instructor and Assistant Dean for Student Services
Michelle Reece Instructor and Interim MPH Coordinator
Randy Wykoff Professor and Dean
Carolyn Casto Executive Aide

Public Health Training Center (LIFEPATH)

Paula Masters Program Director
Dara Young Data & Evaluation Specialist


Tennessee Institute of Public Health

Ginny Kidwell Program Director


Dean's Office Staff

Taylor Dula
Public Health Student Advisor
Olivia Egen Assessment Specialist
Karen Ervin Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Becky Fee Research Services Manager
Angela Hagaman DIDARP Program Director
Sean Hoyle Data Services Manager
Paula Masters Assistant Dean for Student Services
Gina Osborne Dean's Office Coordinator
Janet Stork Dean's Office Executive Aide


Retired Faculty