Allan Forsman

Allan Forsman
Health Sciences
Significant roles: Coordinator, Honors in Discipline Human Health
Phone: 423-439-4502
Office Location: Room 249F, Lamb Hall
Mailing: Box 70623
             Johnson City, TN   37614-1709

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Allan Forsman


Ph.D., 1991, University of North Dakota School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

M.S., 1988, University of North Dakota School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

B.S., 1984, University of North Dakota, Major: Biological Science

Courses Taught

Human Anatomy, Anatomy and Physiology I and II

Research Focus
  • Effects of ruthenium compounds on human cancer cell lines.
  • Gravitational biology focusing on the effects of microgravity on reproductive tissues.

Selected Publications

Romer, Camille and Forsman, Allan. The effects of the spaceflight environment on the vaginal mucin layer of the mouse. Gravitational and Space Research, 3(1):20-28;2015

Forsman, Allan D. and Nier, Heath A. The effects of spaceflight on mucin production in the mouse uterus. Gravitational and Space Research, 1(1):20-28;2013

Svalina, G. and Forsman, A.D. The effect of the space flight environment on mucin production in the mouse uterine tube. Adv. in Space Res. 51:2229-2234;2013 or

Smith, IM., and Forsman, AD., Ovarian follicular and luteal development in the spaceflight mouse. Gravit. and Space Biol. 26(2):30-37;2012

Forsman, AD. The effects of simulated microgravity on the seminiferous tubules of rats. Adv. In Space Res. 49:807-811;2012

Forsman, Allan D., Angela R. Herpich, and Stephen K. Chapes. Improved soft-agar colony assay in a Fluid Processing Apparatus. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. - Animal 35:55-60;1999.

Chapes, SK., Simske, SJ, Forsman, AD, Bateman, TA, Zimmerman. RJ Effects of space flight and IGF-1 on immune function. Adv. In Space Res. 23:1955-1964;1999

Heyenga, A.G., A. Forsman, L.S. Stodieck, A. Hoehn, and M. Kliss. Approaches in the determination of plant nutrient uptake and distribution in space flight conditions. Adv. In Space Res. 26:299-302;2000

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