Megan Quinn

Megan Quinn, DrPH, MSc

Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Phone: 423-439-4427
Office: 149E Lamb Hall


Dr. Megan Quinn

DrPH (2012) Epidemiology
East Tennessee State University College of Public Health

M.Sc. (2009) Public Health Research
University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

BA (2005) Psychology
Wesleyan College

Courses Taught

Interprofessional Perspectives on Global Health – Study Abroad (EPID 5700), Infectious Disease Epidemiology (EPID 5430), Field Epidemiology (EPID 6435), Cancer Epidemiology (EPID 6450), Epidemiology I (EPID 5400), and Epidemiology II (EPID 5405)

Research Focus

Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) and adult health outcomes, global health, maternal and child health, health disparities


Quinn, M., Stinson, J., Obure, R., Gaines, M. Exposure to Childhood Violence: Implications for Adult Health. Injury Prevention. (submitted May 2015).

Zheng, S., Mogusu, E., Veeranki, S., Quinn, M., Cao, Y. (2015). The Relationship between, the Mean, Median, and Mode with Grouped Data. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics. (under review).

Quinn, M., Southerland, J., Richards, K., Slawson, D., Behringer, B. Johns-Wommack, R. Smith, S. (2015). Quantifying Collaboration using Himmelman's Strategies for Working Together: Findings from the Tennessee Coordinated School Health Program. Health Education (Accepted for publication, December 2014).

Quinn, M., Alamian, A., Hillhouse, J.J., Scott, C., Turrisi, R., Baker, K. (2015) Prevalence and Sociodemograpic Correlates of Indoor Tanning among Female Teens in the United States. Preventive Medicine Reports, Vol 2, pp.40-43.

Owusu, D., Longcoy, J., Quinn, M., Wang, K. (2014). Relationship between Chronic Disease Conditions and Colon Cancer Screening: Results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey Data. American Journal of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, Vol 2, 1.

Owusu, D., Quinn, M., Wang, K. (2015). Alcohol consumption, depression, insomnia, and colon cancer screening: racial differences. International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction, 4 (2): e23424.

Selected Presentations

Quinn, M. Raising awareness about cervical cancer in Nicaragua: Working with health promoters to increase pap smear uptake. (February 2015). Oral presentation at Women on Wednesdays, East Tennessee State University.

Quinn, M., Stinson, J. Exposure to violence during childhood: Implications for adult health. Oral presentation at the International Epidemiologic Association's World Congress of Epidemiology 2014, Anchorage, Alaska. (August 2014).

Hall, K.L., LeMay, C.C., Stinson, J.D., & Quinn, M.A. (2015, April). An examination of the ACE study and complex trauma in high-risk forensic inpatients. Appalachian Student Research Forum. Johnson City, Tennessee.

Obure, R., Gaines, M., Quinn, M.A., & Stinson, J.D. (2015, April). Prevalence and severity of childhood emotional and physical abuse among college-age adults: A descriptive study. Poster presentation. Appalachian Student Research Forum. Johnson City, Tennessee.

O'Connell, B., Quinn, M., Scheuerman, P. (2015, April). Evaluation of a WASH Intervention Establishing a Field-Use Indicator and Determining Socioeconomic Benefits of Biosand Water Filters. Poster Presentation. Appalachian Student Research Forum. Johnson City, Tennessee.

Shekiro, E. West, K., Quinn, M., O'Connell, B., Florence, C., Jongkind, K. (2015, April). Prevalence of Pap Smear Utilization in Nueva Vida, Nicaragua. Poster Presentation. Appalachian Student Research Forum. Johnson City, Tennessee.

Gaines, M. T., Quinn, M., Wang, L., Powers, C. (2015, April). Influence of Race and Gender on Sexual Initiation in High School Students in the Southern States of the United States. Poster Presentation. Appalachian Student Research Forum. Johnson City, Tennessee.

Quinn, M., Stinson, J., Jongkind, K. (2014, June). Predicting Depressive Disorders and Poor General Health in Adults: the role of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Poster presentation at the Society for Epidemiologic Research, Seattle, WA.

Personal Interests

Traveling, humanitarian work, soccer, hiking, volunteering

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