Breakfast with the Expert

Breakfast with the Expert is a monthly professional development program sponsored by the Department of Health Services Management and Policy, and open to all students, faculty and staff of the College of Public Health. The program is designed to offer a career development and professional networking opportunity for students, as they explore internship and job possibilities.

Created in 2010 by Tim Baylor, the program has brought to campus leading public health and health care experts who have discussed current and emerging issues in health services management and policy, with a focus on career options for our students. The program is typically held on the first Tuesday of the month during the fall and spring semesters. The program starts with an informal breakfast followed by a presentation and question and answer period.

If you have suggestions for future experts or any questions about the program, please contact the HSMP Chair at:  .  

All videos may be viewed on the Breakfast with the Expert YouTube channel.  Individual videos may be viewed by clicking the expert's name.  

Spring 2015 Presentations   

Silas Tolan Brian Clay  Brian Nass  Dr. David Magee
Silas Tolan Brian Clay Brian Nass Dr. David Magee
The Community Health Centers' Role in the Health Care Continuum

 Serving the Healthcare Continuum

 Lean in Healthcare: A Primer Preparation and Resources for a Public Health Job Search 

Fall 2014 Presentations

Brent Cummings Jenny Hunt Sean McMurray  Louis Collier
Brent Cummings Jenny Hunt Sean McMurray Louis Collier
Lean: You Know, the Toyota Thing

Lean Concepts and their Applications in Health Care

Unsustainable Healthcare Alternate Payment Methodologies

Spring 2014 Presentations

Randy Wykoff
    Tom Tull  Ryan Youngblood                                                                                                                      Chris Neglia
Dr. Randy Wykoff Tom Tull    Ryan Youngblood   Dr. Chris Neglia
Understanding Population Health HealthCare Leadership in a Dynamic Environment Transitional Care:
Quality and Cost Impact
The Extensivist Clinic:
A Novel Model of 
Care for Ill Patients

Fall 2013 Presentations

Teresa Kidd Mary Vance Tim Ricks and John Shutze Louis Collier
Teresa Kidd Mary Vance Dr. Tim Ricks and John Shutze Louis Collier
Assuring Access to 
High Quality Behavioral 
Health Services in
Rural Areas
Role of Safety Net 
Providers in Our 
Health Care System:
Now and Ahead
Nashville Area
Indian Health Service
Opportunities and Successes
Hospital and Physician 
Relationships Will 
Determine the
Winners and Losers in 
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