To access your Calendar in D2L you can click the Calendar link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Home.


Use the Calendar Tool to manage course-related dates and events.  This is where you can view dates posted for courses, such as project due dates, virtual office hours, exam and test information that your instructor posts through the calendar tool.  Also, you can add tasks to help you remember group meetings, assignments, and deadlines.

Calendar Homepage

Upon clicking the Calendar Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the Calendars Homepage, which you can choose how to view your calendar.

calendar views


1. Agenda:



2. Day: 



3. Week: 



4. Month



5. List 



6. All Calendars: This menu allows you to control what class's assignments you want to view or you can view all of your assignments from every class. You can also change the colors of your calendar and add a new calendar to this list. 

calendar views



On the side of each page, you will see a monthly calendar, printing option, settings, and an area to create tasks. 

side calendar


1. Print: This screen allows you to customize your printing options and show you a preview. 

print screen


2. Settings

calendar settings


3. This allows you to search for an event on your calendar. 


4. The monthly calendar makes searching for a date easier. By clicking on any day, you will be taken to a page showing what assignments are due on that date/week. 


5. Tasks: This areas allows you to create a "To Do List". You can add new tasks, set due dates, and add additional notes to the task. 


task menu This menu allows to set tasks and delete or change the status to completed. 

add a taskAdd a task by clicking in the box and begin typing. 

task detailsOnce you've added a task, click on the task arrowto edit the details (i.e. adding a due date or important notes to remember when completing that assignment/task). To add a due date, click in the box and allow the calendar to pop up. Once the calendar had popped up, click on the date you want to complete the task by. To add a note, click on the "Add a note..." and begin typing. 

task complete Once you've completed a task, check it off. 

completed tasksAnother viewing option is viewing a list of completed tasks. 


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