To access your Discussions in D2L you can click the Discussions link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.

select discussions 

The Discussion Board is a communication tool used to discuss topics from class, sign up for assignments or projects, ask general course questions, etc.  Student conversations are logged and organized in the Discussion Board.  Conversations are grouped into threads that contain a main posting and all related replies.  Your instructor will create the forum for your class and each course will be somewhat different, but these general instructions will assist you.

Discussions Homepage

Upon clicking the Discussions Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the Discussions Homepage.

discussions homepage

1. The Display drop down menu will allow you to select between "All Forums and Topics" and "Topics with Unread".  If you select "All Forums and Topics"  you will see all Discussion Forums that are available in your course.  If you choose "Topics with Unread" you will see the Discussion Forums where you have yet to read through the messages.  This can be a great tool to jump right to Forums you still need to read thru.

2. This area will contain the Discussion Board Title along with how long it will be open for posts.

3.    This graphic represents a Forum that is visible only for a specific range of dates.  Note at the bottom of the Forum description you can see the date ranges.  This Forum will only be visible during this time frame and before and after those dates you will not be able to see it or make posts.

4. Some Discussion Forums have multiple topics inside them.  You can enter each one separately by clicking the links here or if you click the Discussion Board Title you will be taken to a page where you can choose which Topic you want to post inside.

5. This area is the actual Discussion Forum where a description of what the Instructor may want posted in it.  Note how it tells you how many discussions are going on in the Forum and how many you have left to read.  You will click this link to enter that particular Discussion Forum.

6. The Settings button allows you to determine how you wish to view your discussion boards/forums. 

discussion settings

Entering Discussion Board 

Upon clicking the topic title you wish to read or post in you will be taken to that particular Discussion Board.

discussion topic

1. The Discussion List will take you back to the discussions homepage. 

2. The Topics List will take you to a screen that lists the discussion forums that specific topic is listed under. 

3. The Compose button will open a new window where you can make a new post to the Discussion Forum.  This will be covered in more detail in the next section called:  Making a Discussion Board Post. 

4. The Refresh button will allow you to refresh the page to see if your classmates have posted any new topics. 

5. The More Actions menu allows you to turn the search bar on or off. 

6. The View drop down menu will allow you to change the way topics are displayed in the Forum.  You can sort to just show flagged messages, unread messages, or all messages.

7.    This icon will show you messages that you have flagged.  Below this you can click the flag icon to flag a message for future reference.  After doing this you can sort the messages from the View menu to just see your flagged messages.  
  This icon will show you messages that have an attachment.  If you go inside that topic you will be able to download the attachment.

8. This area contains all of the posts inside the Discussion Forum.  Note the difference between a unread post and one that has been read before.  This area also contains information on when the message was posted along with the posters name.  Just click the message title to read that post.

Making a Discussion Board Post 

If you click the Compose button from Step 2 above a new window will open with the New Message Page.

discussion compose new

compose discussion2

1. This will tell you the name of the Forum you are currently in as well as the Topic under which you are posting a message. 

2. This is the subject or title of your Topic Post.  This is what other users will see in the Discussion Board.

3. In the text field is where you will enter the message or body of your Discussion Board Post.  There is a basic word editor to allow you to format your message with tools such as (bold, underline, italics, orientation, and even a spell checker.

4. The Attachment tool will allow you to attach a file to your Discussion Board Post.  Click the Add a File button and then browse your computer for the file you want to attach.  Once you have found it, highlight the file and select Open.

5. Once you have filled in all the relevant information for your Post you can click the Post button to submit your Post to the Discussion Forum.  It will be immediately available for everyone to read. OR  The Cancel button will return you to the last Discussion Forum you were in. 

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