The Attendance tool enables you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your organization or course. You can track attendance for any number of activities and customize your registers to suit your needs. This tool does not connect to the BANNER Student Information System.

Table of Contents –

Accessing Attendance –

To open the Attendance tool, click on the A-Z link group in the default course NavBar and then select Attendance.


Create a Register

In order to track and manage attendance in D2L, you must first create a register. A register is the holding tank for all attendance data. Think of a register as a discussion forum.

  1. Click the New Register button
  2. Enter the Name of the register and a description (optional)
  3. In the Attendance Scheme drop-down menu select the Organization Scheme you want to use.In the Cause for Concern field, enter a percentage. If populated, this field will toggle on/off an icon beside a student’s name who is falling below the defined threshold.
    • If you have not created your own scheme, the system will use its default scheme.
  4. Check the Visibility checkbox to allow students to view the register. Leave this option unchecked to turn off student access.
  5. In the Users section, select the top radio button to include all users in the course. Selecting the second option would allow you the flexibility to select a particular group or section.
  6. Create a session by typing in the name (i.e. Class 1) into the Session Name text field. Include a description of the event in the Session Description (Optional). 
  7. Click Save.


Create Sessions

Sessions are the actual events in your register. You can create one session per class meeting, sessions for mandatory lectures, and other events you would like to track. 

  1. Click the Add Sessions button in the Sessions section of your register
  2. Enter a Name
  3. Enter a Description 
  4. Click Save
  • You can delete sessions in a register by clicking the Delete (Trashcan)  icon beside the applicable session on the Edit Register page.

  • Attendance registers must have at least one session.

  • Note: Deleting a session clears all associated attendance data. Be cautious of the sessions you are deleting. This action is unrecoverable. 


Edit a Register

  1. From the Attendance Registers list, click the Edit option from the context menu of the register you want to edit.
  2. Make the necessary changes
  3. Click Save


Delete a Register

  1.  From the Attendance Registers list, click the Delete option from the context menu of the register you want to delete.


Take Attendance

To take attendance, open a session from within the register and assign a P (Present) or an A (Absent) for each student.

  1. Click on your register's name
  2. Click on the edit icon for the session you would like to record
  3. Click the Set Status for All Users button to update all statuses to a single value
  4. Select either a P or an A and click Save
  5. You will then need to manually change the students who should not receive the default attendance status by selecting the appropriate value from the dropdown menu
  6. Click Save


View Attendance Data

  1. From the register's context menu, select the View Attendance Data menu option 

The Attendance data page holds the attendance data for a particular register. From this page you can export attendance data as well as email students in your class. If you configured a cause for concern pertengage, an icon will dispaly next to the student's name that falls under the threshold.