Faculty How To

Welcome to the D2L Faculty Help page. Here you will find information about some of the tools and features available through D2L. 

Below you will find in depth guides covering every aspect of D2L.  If you would prefer to use a handout that walks through the use of D2L please visit our ATS Handout page where you can find helpful Guides based upon our Workshop offerings, click here.

D2L Tools


Post quizzes or tests in the Assessments tool so that students may submit them and view feedback online.  Most questions will be graded by D2L and the results will go directly to the gradebook.  You may time the quiz, specify the number of submissions students are allowed or even randomize questions.  You can also use Respondus Lockdown Browser to secure your exam.  Click here for directions on how to use Respondus Lockdown Browser.


The Attendance tool allows you to create Registers to track students in your course.  Registers can be defined by different sessions and thresholds for each user.


Use the calendar to post important course related events, such as assignment due dates, exams, or virtual classroom meetings.  You can even link directly to electronic assignments or quizzes.  Create events one at a time or upload all events for the semester.


Create checklists to highlight important aspects or necessary components of your course or particular assignments.  Students check off items as they are completed.


The classlist stores information about faculty and students enrolled in each course. Use the classlist to view online status for students and send emails to your class.


The Content tool is the main place you will go to get course content. Another tool for building Content is called the "Course Builder".  A handout on using the Course Builder can be found at this link .

Course Home

Instructors can modify the course home any way they choose. The widgets, navigation bars, and course colors may be different for each course based on each instructor’s own design.


The Discussions tool is a communication tool that can be used to enhance a course site. This feature is similar to a chat, but is designed for asynchronous use, users are not present at the same time to converse online.


The Dropbox replaces the digital dropbox and the assignment feature in Blackboard. Students submit assignments by uploading files to folders in the Dropbox. Instructors view submitted files, provide grades and feedback all from within the Dropbox.

The Dropbox now has Turnitin integration.  Your Dropbox folders can be enabled to send student submissions thru Turnitin.  To learn how to use and setup Turnitin on your Dropbox please follow these directions.

Edit Course

The Edit Course link is found on the bottom right side of the Navigation Bars. You will use this link to make administrative changes to your course.


Send email through D2L and avoid the hassle of creating and maintaining distribution lists.  Email goes directly to the user's ETSU email account.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tool is a great place to list answers to commonly asked course questions. Questions will be grouped into categories to help organize the FAQ.


Use the D2L Grades tool to track user grades and display detailed class statistics. You can import, export, and edit single or multiple grades, while giving users the option to view their personal grades and class statistics.


The Groups tool allows you to create group work areas for students to work on projects or assignments together.


Wimba LiveRoom is a synchronous meeting room for you to meet to hold classes with your students.  You can chat, show presentations, and interact with your students in a real time environment.


Not sure where to login?  Click here for information.

Manage Dates

The Manage Dates tool allows you to view, edit, and offset availability dates for Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, News, and Assessments from one location in D2L.

Manage Files

The Manage Files tool is the file management system for your course. It is recommended that you organize your files into folders, create a folder for each module of content, and store all your files and folders in the Manage Files area. From this area, you can organize and upload files associated with your course offering.

My Home

The My Home page contains links to various tools that help you navigate the D2L system. The links are arranged inside “widgets” that cannot be moved or changed. You may return to the My Home page my clicking My Home in the navigation bar or by clicking the ETSU logo at the top of the page.

My Preferences

The Preferences tool allows you to change your font settings, paging preferences, discussion room layout, email preferences, and password.


News allows you to post messages to your students so that they will see it when they first enter your course page. These messages can be released or removed based on a date and time.


Faculty and students can use the pager tool to send instant messages to one another. Pager communication is synchronous, which will allow real-time communication. Users will also receive a notification when a page is received while offline.


Rubrics are an assessment tool used to evaluate students on a set of criteria and levels you set.  Using a Rubric as a grading tool helps ensure that you grade consistently and fairly.

User Roles

View the different roles in D2L and access levels for each.

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