1. You will login to D2L using the same login you use to login to your office computer and check your email at ETSU.  Remember, the D2L system is not related to your Banner ID or password.

    To login to D2L go to the URL address:  https://elearn.etsu.edu .  Don’t forget to put the “S” after http.   The “S” indicates you are connecting to a secure server.  You will not be able to login otherwise.

            From the D2L home you will be able to access the Password Reset page should you forget your password, by clicking the “Password Reset” link located below the Login box.  You can also run a System Check to make sure your computer has all the necessary components to run D2L.  By selecting the System Check, your computer will be checked to make sure your Java version, browser, cookie settings, and display settings are correct for using D2L.

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