To login to D2L go to:  https://elearn.etsu.edu
You may want to Bookmark the D2L site in your web browser so you don't have to remember the url.

login to d2l

1.  To Login to D2L you will be required to provide your ETSU username and your Password.  These are the same username and password that you use to login at the computer labs on campus.

2.  If you are not sure what your password is or need to reset it you can do that by clicking the Password Reset link.  You can also visit this webpage to reset your password anytime you would like:  https://security.etsu.edu/accountactivate/Your password will need to comply with the 2007 Strong Password Policy.

3.  This link will take you to the ETSU D2L homepage at http://www.etsu.edu/d2l/.  Here you can find many tutorials and FAQ to help you use D2L.

4.  If you are taking a RODP class at ETSU you will want to click this link.  RODP classes are hosted on a separate D2L page from ETSU courses.  The RODP D2L site is located at:  https://elearn.rodp.org.

5.  Before logging into D2L you will want to check this link to make sure your computers software is up to date in order to run D2L.  You should get a screen like the one below if everything is setup properly.

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