Profile & Preferences

To access your Profile and Account Settings in D2L you will need to click on your name and then choose Profile or Account Settings in the drop down menu.

profile and preferences 

The Profile tool allows you to edit and customize your D2L. The Account Settings tool allows you to change your online status, font settings, paging preferences, discussion room layout, email preference, and more.  Customizing your personal settings is a great way to ensure you are comfortable in the D2L Learning Environment.

Upon selecting the Profile tool you will be taken to the Edit My User Profile page. 

Edit your profile page


This page allows you to personalize your D2L User Profile. You can add a picture, nickname, where you are from, your URL from social networks to help connect you with classmates, contact information, education and work background, and personal information (i.e. favorite hobbies, books, television shows, and your birthday).

Upon selecting the Account Settings tool you will be taken to the Account Settings home page. 

Account settings homepage

1.  Account settings

  • Font Settings – Change your font settings to increase the size or change the font style of the D2L instructions and menus.  This will not change the way in which content is viewed.  Be cautious when increasing to the size 18 font as this may cause your navigation bar items to disappear.???
  • Dialog Setting – You should change modal dialogs to pop-ups if
    • You primarily view the website on a small device,
    • You primarily view the website with style sheets disabled, or
    • You use an assistive technology (such as a screen reader, screen magnifier or voice software) that benefit from simpler page designs.
  • HTML Editor Settings – This setting ensures assistive technologies can detect videos. As a consequence, videos will overlap menus. It does not influence the accessibility of specific players.
  • Time Zone – You can set your preferred time zone, which will show all of your times with dates in that time zone.
  • Application Settings – Click the Revoke Access button to force all your applications to renew their authentication.

2.   Discussions 

discussion settings

Users can change their default view for the discussions tool.  These changes can also be made within the discussion tool itself.  You may want to revisit these defaults a little later when you are more familiar with the discussion tool.


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