Department of Public Safety's office

Campus Police                                  

1043 Jack Vest Dr                                                                             
Phone: 423-439-4480 or 911

The mission of the Department of Public Safety

To provide for the overall safety and security of the University community and its properties in order to maintain an environment as favorable to academic excellence as possible.

The East Tennessee State University Department of Public Safety is a professional law enforcement agency dedicated to the protection and security of East Tennessee State University and its diverse community.

To fulfill this mission we will:

  • Deliver superior law enforcement services with integrity and pride
  • Respect and safeguard the dignity and rights of all individuals
  • Demonstrate respect toward the people we serve and one another to maintain an environment of trust
  • Develop partnerships with all segments of our community through effective communication and collaboration
  • Carefully select and maintain a well-trained, educated and professional staff
  • Accept individual responsibility and accountability for our actions

The department is open 365 days per year and uses Public Safety Officers to patrol campus by automobile, bicycle, and on foot 24 hours per day. A 24-hour dispatch service is also maintained.

Report criminal actions, police emergencies, fire emergencies, and requests for ambulance service at 439-4480 or 911, or use emergency telephones placed across campus; or come to the Public Safety Office. 

Enforcement Authority

East Tennessee State University Public Safety Officers are Commissioned Police Officers pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, 49-7-118, and the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Policy No. 5:01:07:00. Commissioned Public Safety Officers have ALL of the police powers necessary to enforce all state laws, as well as rules and regulations of the TBR. They are also Tennessee certified firefighters and are first responders to any on-campus fire emergency. When properly commissioned and qualified in accordance with policies of the board of regents and board of trustees, the police officers shall have all the police powers necessary to enforce all state laws as well as rules and regulations of the board of regents and the board of trustees, including any public roads or right-of-ways that are contiguous to, within the perimeter of or connect between the facilities, property or interest of a particular institution. 

The Johnson City Police Department furnishes the Department of Public Safety information concerning all offenses which occur off-campus at fraternity and sorority houses. The Department of Public Safety coordinates with the Johnson City Fire Department concerning all campus fires.

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