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The Department of Education will require that some of the FAFSA applications completed be verified. Students are selected at random for verification by the Federal Processor.  Institutions must verify the information provided by the student/spouse and/or parents before an award can be offered to the student. If you are chosen for verification, you must submit additional paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid before your application is considered complete. If you are selected for verification and do not complete this verification process, you will not receive any financial aid.

How do I know if I have been selected for verification?

  1. Check the FAFSA website 3-5 days after completion of FAFSA or after each FAFSA correction.
  2. Find and read the SAR(Student Aid Report). The SAR will tell you if any additional information is required, or if you have been selected for verification
    • Login to the FAFSA website
    • Make sure the " Current Application Status" says " Processed Successfully"
    • Proceed to " View Processed Information"
    • Confirm your identity with your Federal FAFSA PIN
    • Select the most recent transaction
    • Select the " SAR Comments" link on the left and read carefully to see if your application has been selected for verification.

What do I do if I have been selected for verification? 

  1. If you are selected for verification, submit all required documents. More Info
  2. Check your student requirements on GoldLink frequently.
  3. Respond immediately to any and all requests from the Office of Financial Aid for information. Check Goldmail daily.


What do i do if I have NOT been selected for verification at this time?

  1. Check your financial aid status on GoldLink and your Goldmail frequently.
  2. Note that you may be selected for verification at a later time (even after awards have been made) in some circumstances:
    • Any subsequent corrections to your FAFSA can result in selection for verification.
    • If at any time conflict arises between your FAFSA report and other information received by the ETSU Office of Financial Aid, your application may be selected for verification.
  3. You may be required to submit additional documentation even if your application is not selected for verification.
  4. Otherwise, continue on to Step 3-Status.

Important things to remember:

The priority deadlines to have both your FAFSA processed and your file complete are as follows:

  1. April 15th for FALL term
  2. November 15th for SPRING term
  3. March 1st for SUMMER term

Submitted documents are processed in the date order received.

Verification Tips

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