Graduate Assistant/Tuition Scholar
Policies & Procedures

- Queen Brown, Graduate Studies

Date and Time:Wednesday, April 9, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Location:D.P. Culp Center Forum Room

Graduate Studies has converted the Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant contracting processs to an online system. This session is required training for all ETSU personnel who have not attended and will be processing GA/TS contracts for their college/department during the academic and fiscal years of 2013 and 2014. This session will also include the GA/TS policies and procedures training, covering requirements, deadlines, policy changes as well as the appointment request form with supporting documents, and other issues relative to successful appointments of gradaute assistantships and tuition scholarhips. Representatives will be present from HR and Payroll. Please attend this session to avoid delays in processing assistantship/scholarship appointment forms for fall, spring and summer semesters.

GA/TS Contract Training Using the Online Contract System correctly
Online Contract System link:
GA/TS Eligibility Students must:
  • Register for at least 9 graduate hours in the Fall and Spring semesters. For summer contracts, if the contract ends June 30th the student must take 3 hours in pre-summer or summer session I. If the contract begins in July and goes through August the student must take 3 hours during summer session II. If the summer contract begins in May and ends in August, the student must take 6 hours in any of the summer sessions (pre-summer, session I, and/or session II). The student may divide the 6 hours between sessions, for example; 3 in session I and 3 in session II if desired.
  • Not accept Tuition Scholarships if he/she is not a first year graduate student. (No TS contracts will be accepted after the Friday before classes begin).
  • Not be employed anywhere else on campus to accept GA’s or TS’s. Be admitted unconditionally to the degree program
    (1 semester exception)
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
HR / Payroll See payroll procedures
Link to manual:
International Students
  • If an international student is graduating, do not write contracts past the official commencement date.
  • International students must take the Oral Proficiency Interview within the first two weeks of classes or the (see next page) contract is subject to cancellation.
  • To schedule appointments for the OPI international students must contact Dr. Joseph Elhindi, 439-5992, B310 Burleson Hall. The OPI should be scheduled before classes begin. However, since many international students do not come into the country until classes begin they will have two weeks to schedule and take the OPI. NOTE: GA/TS contracts will be cancelled if OPI scores are not in the Graduate Office by the 14th day of classes each semester.
  • International students applying for full time Graduate Assistantships may not hold temporary positions.
  • International students must have current Glacier paperwork on file before they will be paid. Please contact Jennifer Crigger at or by phone at 439-6887 for more information.
Deadlines and Fee Payments
  • Be aware of deadlines for contracts
  • Be aware of dates for processing.
  • Students are responsible for debt service, post office box, technology, and SGA fees as well as books.
  • Tuition is the only fee covered by the university.
  • Out of state tuition will be waived after all miscellaneous fees are paid at the cashier’s window or a deferred payment option is utilized by the student for fall or spring. A $50.00 fee is charged for the deferred payment option.
  • There are no summer tuition scholarships. The department must have the accounting number entered to pay summer tuition for graduate assistantships. If you have a summer appointment, contact Lisa Stevens at with Financial Services.