Welcome International Students

Welcome to ETSU!

Even before you apply to East Tennessee State University (in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee), we want you to know our commitment to international education and to students from all countries.

ETSU is fortunate to have graduate students from countries around the world. These countries include: India, China, France, Cameroon, Canada, Germany, the United Arab Emirate, Kenya, Palestine, Ghana, Kuwait, Bolivia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Ukraine, Paraguay, Liberia, Macedonia, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Congo, Iran, Chad, Vietnam, Venezuela, Sweden, Bermuda, Peru, Ecuador, Finland, Costa Rica, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, and Romania.

Approximately 300 international students (including more than 200 international graduate students) attend ETSU, and these students contribute vitally to the cultural life of our institution and to our academic programs.

As an institution, we offer a range of special services for international students. The Office of International programs The International Programs Office holds International Orientation programs every semester to welcome international students to ETSU, and the OIP also helps process immigration forms and provides information and support to students. In addition, the International Student Organization at ETSU holds social events, such as picnics, for its members International Students' Frequently Asked Questions

ETSU also offers two special programs for international students: the International Friendship Family program and the International Ambassadors program. Participants in the Host Family program welcome arriving students at the Tri-Cities Airport, and they host these students in their homes upon their arrival at ETSU. For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Brent Morrow (morrowb@etsu.edu). Faculty and students in the International Ambassadors program offer answers to prospective students about life in the United States and especially about life and social opportunities on the ETSU campus. Please see the following website if you wish to contact an International Ambassador and learn more about our campus International Ambassadors directory.

If you have questions about graduate admissions, please e-mail bartoszu@etsu.edu. If you have questions about undergraduate admissions, please e-mail go2etsu@etsu.edu. If you have questions about Visa issues, please e-mail costa@etsu.edu.

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