Diversity Graduate Student
Out-of-State Scholarship


  1. To increase diversity of students in different academic disciplines and to offer scholarships to out-standing out-of-state students, both full and part-time, who are not eligible for most other scholarships and fee-waivers.


  1. Up to thirty-five scholarships for full and part-time out-of-state students in selected programs will be available in this scholarship cycle.


  1. Out-of-state students
  2. Must be a new graduate student during the first semester that the scholarship is awarded.
  3. Admission to a graduate certificate or degree program
  4. Full-time and part-time students
  5. Students who have been awarded a graduate tuition scholarship or a graduate assistantship are not eligible for these scholarships
  6. Students whose out-of-state tuition has been waived through the Border-County Waiver, Regional Scholarships, the Academic Common Market, the fee waiver for out-of-state part-time students working full-time in Tennessee, or any other scholarship or waiver for out-of-state tuition are NOT eligible for these scholarships.
  7. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and must be admitted to any ETSU graduate program. RODP programs are not eligible.


To apply for the scholarship, fill out the Out-of-State Scholarship Application form.

Submit the completed application form to one of the following:
Email: scholarshipoffice@etsu.edu
Fax: (423) 439-7090
Mail: Scholarship office, ETSU Box 70557, Johnson City, TN 37614


  1. The application deadline for fall is July 1st.
  2. The application deadline for spring is December 1st.
  3. The application deadline for summer is April 1st.