ETSU School of Graduate Studies and Graduate Council Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Awards (2004-2005)

Award Recipients

Amy Reeves

Amy Reeves Name: Amy Reeves
Outstanding Dissertation: Childhood Experiences of Appalachian Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence During Adulthood
Nominated by: Lois W. Lowry
Committee members:
  • Lois W. Lowry, (Chair)
  • Diana Conco
  • Jo-Ann Marrs
  • Larry Miller

Mary F. Fanslow

Mary F. Fanslow Name: Mary F. Fanslow
Outstanding Thesis in Art/Humanities: Resorts in Southern Appalachia: A Microcosm of American Resorts in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Nominated by: Marie Tedesco
Committee members:
  • Marie Tedesco, (Chair)
  • Dale Schmitt
  • Stephen Fritz

Kathryn B. McNeill

Kathryn B. McNeill Name: Kathryn B. McNeill
Outstanding Thesis in Social Sciences/Education: Communication Cues to Action that Prompted Central Appalachian Women to have a Mammogram
Nominated by: Kelly Dorgan and John King
Committee members:
  • Kelly Dorgan and John King (Co-Chairs)
  • Jim Florence

Christy L. Strong

Christy L. Strong Name: Christy L. Strong
Outstanding Thesis in Science, Math, Technology, and Computer Sciences: Flavonoid Glucosyltransferases: Cloning and Sequencing of Putative Glucosyltransferases from Citrus paradise (Grapefruit) Leaves
Nominated by: Lee M. Pike
Committee members:
  • Lee M. Pike (Co-Chair)
  • Cecilia A. McIntosh (co-chair)
  • Hugh A. Miller III

Dusty M. Hibbs

Dusty M. Hibbs Name: Dusty M. Hibbs
Outstanding Capstone Project: "The Immigrant Experience: Russians in the Coal Camp” (support paper); “Mining a New Life” (exhibit in B. Carroll Reece Museum 3/24-4/5/05)
Nominated by: Marie Tedesco