ETSU School of Graduate Studies and Graduate Council Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Awards (2007-2008)

Award Recipients

Timothy Southern

Timothy Southern Name: Timothy Southern
Outstanding Dissertation: Examination of Microsporidia Spore Adherence and Host Cell Infection in Vitro
Nominated by: Dr. J. Russell Hayman
Committee members:
  • Dr. J. Russell Hayman, (Chair)
  • David Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Jane E. Raulston, Ph.D.
  • Robert V. Schoborg, Ph.D.
  • Priscilla B. Wyrick, Ph.D.

Mark Sharman

Mark Sharman Name: Mark Sharman
Outstanding Thesis in the Arts and Humanities: A Study of How Four Black Newspapers Covered the U.S. Masters Tournament, 1994 Through 2001
Nominated by: Dr. Marie Tedesco
Committee members:
  • Dr. Elwood Watson, (Chair)
  • Dr. Emmett Essin

Bradley Edwards

Bradley Edwards Name: Bradley Edwards
Outstanding Thesis in Education and Social Sciences: Media: Effects on Attitudes toward Police and Fear of Criminal Victimization
Nominated by: Dr. Wayne Gillespie
Committee members:
  • Dr. Wayne Gillespie, (Chair)
  • Steven Ellwanger, Ph.D.
  • Micheal Braswell, Ph.D.

Christian Muenyi

Christian Muenyi Name: Christian Muenyi
Outstanding Thesis in Science, Math, Technology, and Computer Science: Vitamin E (Tocotrienols) and Prostate Cancer: A Protemics Approach
Nominated by: Dr. William Stone
Committee members:
  • Dr. William Stone, (Chair)
  • Hamid Kasmai, Ph.D.
  • Chu-Ngi Ho, Ph.D.

Patricia Marlow

Patricia Marlow Name: Patricia Marlow
Outstanding Capstone: The Quilt, the Patterns, the Makers Yesterday and Today: From a Utilitarian Mainstay to a Twenty-first Century Object of Art
Nominated by: Dr. Marie Tedesco
Committee members:
  • Dr. Marie Tedesco, (Chair)
  • Theresa Lloyd, Ph.D.
  • Charles (Ted) Olson, Ph.D.

Recipients with Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Cecelia McIntosh

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