ETSU School of Graduate Studies and ETSU Graduate Council Research Grant Recipients (2007-2008)

Award Recipients (Not pictured in any order)

2008 Research Grant Award Recipients

Chase Beck

Name: Chase Beck
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology; Paleobotany
Topic: Fossil Analysis on the Cumberland Plateau
Advisor: Dr.Mike Zavada

Grant Boardman

Name: Grant Boardman
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology, Paleontology
Topic: Characterizing vertebral variation in mole salamanders
Advisor: Dr. Blaine Shubert

Keila Bredehoeft

Name: Keila Bredehoeft
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology, Paleontology
Topic: Landmark and linear morphometrics of the Pleistocene, Cryptobranchus guildayi
Advisor: Dr. Blaine Shubert

Patricia Cross

Name: Patricia Cross
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology;Microbiology
Topic: Expression of the Ca2+ -selective cation channels TRPV5 and TRPV6 in human breast cancer
Advisor: Dr. Allan Forsman

Jala Daniel

Name: Jala Daniel
Graduate Program: M.S.Biomedical Sciences; Physiology
Topic: Determining secondary product glucosyltransfearase expression during Citrus paradisi growth and development
Advisor: Dr. Cecilia McIntosh

Alexander Eddo

Name: Alexander Eddo
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology
Topic: Characterization of the pathways leading to synthesis of salicylic acid in plants resisting pathogen infection
Advisor: Dr. Dhirendra Kumar

Puja Karki

Name: Puja Karki
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology
Topic: Cloning and identifying the diapause-regulated candidate genes of the flesh fly, Sarcophaga crassipalpis
Advisor: Dr. Karl Joplin

Abigail Mabe

Name: Abigail Mabe
Graduate Program: Ph. D. Biomedical Sciences; Pharmacology
Topic: Diabetes-induced parasympathetic remodeling mediates chronotropic dysfunction
Advisor: Dr. Donald Hoover

Tammy Mercure

Name: Tammy Mercure
Graduate Program: M.A. Art & Design;Studio Arts
Topic: The Blue Ridge: Photographs of Appalachian Tourism
Advisor: Mike Smith

Heather Sharp

Name: Heather Sharp
Graduate Program: M.S Technology; Engineering Technology
Topic: Examining critical health inspection violations
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Clark

Rebecca Steagall

Name: Rebecca Steagall
Graduate Program: Ph. D. Biomedical Sciences;Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Topic: HSPA12B interacts with and down-regulates AKAP12, an angiogenesis inhibitor
Advisor: Dr. Zhihua Han

Jeremy Stout

Name: Jeremy Stout
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology; Paleontology
Topic: Cranial Morphology and Systematics of Late Pliocene Alligator from the Haile 7G Site of Florida
Advisor: Dr. Blaine Shubert

Tess Svoboda

Name: Tess Svoboda
Graduate Program: M.S. Clinical Nutrition
Topic: Use of omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in Hispanic type 2 diabetes in Northeast Tennessee
Advisor: Elizabeth Lowe

Jing Ru Sun

Name: Jing Ru Sun
Graduate Program: Ph. D. Biomedical Sciences; Microbiology
Topic: The host adherens junction molecule nectin-1 is down-regulated in Chlamydia trachomatis-infected genital epithelial cells
Advisor: Dr. Robert Schoborg

Liang Wang

Name: Liang Wang
Graduate Program: M.P.H Public Health; Epidemiology
Topic: An epidemiological study of maternal depression in East Tennessee
Advisor: Dr. Tiejian Wu

Stacie Woolard

Name: Stacie Woolard
Graduate Program: M.S. Biomedical Sciences, Microbiology
Topic: In vivo projects implicating TRAIL-mediated NK cell antigen presentation in Herpes Simplex viral infection
Advisor: Dr. Uday Kumaraguru

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