ETSU School of Graduate Studies and ETSU Graduate Council Research Grant Recipients (2012-2013)

Award Recipients

Award Recipients

Rachael Allen

Rachel Allen Name: Rachel Allen
Graduate Program: Sociology
Topic: The Rise of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Prevalence Among Individuals with Mental Health Disorders
Advisor: Dr. Kelly Foster

Justin Beach

Justin Beach Name: Justin Beach
Graduate Program: Biomedical Sciences
Topic: An Examination of the Inhibitory Effects of Antibiotic Combinations on Ribosome Biosynthesis in Staphylococcus Aureus
Advisor: Dr. W. Scott Champney

Katherine Block

Katherine Block

Name: Katherine Block
Graduate Program: Art & Design
Topic: Research of the Arab Spring through Paint
Advisor: Mira Gerard

Regenia Phillips Campbell

Reginia Phillips Campbell Name: Regenia Phillips Campbell
Graduate Program: Biomedical Science
Topic: Unmasking Treatment Failure in a Murine Model of Chlamydial Persistence
Advisor: Dr. Robert Schoberg

Allison Hilbun

Allison Hilbun Name: Allison Hilbun
Graduate Program: Biology
Topic: Stability and Resilience of Chaotic Systems of Coupled Oscillators
Advisor: Dr. Istvan Karsai

Nicole Litwin

Nicole Litwin Name: Nicole Litwin
Graduate Program: Clinical Nutrition
Topic: Assessment of Red Blood Cell Membrane Fatty Acid Composition in Relation to Dietary Intake in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catherization
Advisor: Dr. W. Andrew Clark

Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin Name: Jeffrey Martin
Graduate Program: Geosciences
Topic: Late Pleistocene Bison of the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau
Advisor: Dr. Jim I. Mead

Danielle Sevigny

Danielle Sevigny Name: Danielle Sevigny
Graduate Program: Art & Design
Topic: Abstracts 7 Patterns: Studies in Acrylic & Polymers
Advisor: Mira Gerard

Brianna Sheppard

Brianna Sheppard Name: Brianna Sheppard
Graduate Program: Psychology
Topic: Role of Ventral Tegmental Area and Ventral Tegmental Area Nicontinic Acetylcholine Receptors in the Incentive Amplifying Effects of Nicotine
Advisor: Dr. Matthew I. Palmatier

Ha-Jung Grace Sung

Ha-Jung Grace Sung Name: Ha-Jung Grace Sung
Graduate Program: Biology
Topic: Identification of Key Genes Associated with Triacylglycerol Biosynthesis in Avocado Fruit
Advisor: Dr. Aruna Kilaru

Joe Wu

Joe Wu Name: Joe Wu
Graduate Program: Biomedical Sciences
Topic: Induction of a Novel Cardioprotective Metabolic Pathway by H1F1
Advisor: Dr. Gary Wright