Graduate Student Award for Service Projects that Enhance The Public Good (2012)

Service Projects that Enhance the Public Good

Kari Roueche

Kari Roueche
Liberal Studies

The Muriel C. Spoden Collection

Nominated by Dr. Marie Tedesco


This Work Links directly to creating awareness of the history of a community, to its collective memory, and to its identity. No community thrives without a sense of its history and identity; preservation of archival documents is one way to create awareness of its history and to contribute to creation of identity. But preservation of documents and processing of archival collections by itself is insufficient. As postmodern scholars of archival thought insist, the archivist, who through her preservation and processing work has collaborated in the meaning-making of the collection’s documents, must be active and engaged in outreach work that informs the community of the availability of historical materials. The outreach efforts that employed Web 2.0 tools (e.g. Facebook, Youtube) to publicize processing work, has created awareness of the collection’s existence; this awareness will, no doubt, translate into usage of the documents; this usage, in turn, will lead to scholarly and lay writings on the collection. They may also convince others to follow the lead of Muriel C. Spoden by becoming active promoters of the history of Northeast Tennessee.