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2015 Programs

CHINA - CUAI 5199/4220

English Teaching Experience: China will provide students with an understanding of the way in which education and culture influence each other. In Beijing, participants will visit North China University of Technology and become acquainted with artifacts of Chinese culture. After a train ride to Jinan, they will spend three weeks at the Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology, where they will observe children in Chinese schools and assist in the teaching of English, enter into dormitory life with Chinese teacher candidates, and visit the birthplace of Confucius. The program concludes with a visit to the University of Shandong’s Weihai campus, located on the Northern sea cost. Here they will meet another group of university students and enjoy the scenic beach.

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 CHINA - HIST 4007/5007 

Spend up to 30 days in China, studying in Beijing, Xi'an and elsewhere (as available). Participate in lectures on Chinese language, culture, politics, society and history. Interact with Chinese Students. Study at historical sites such as The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Terra Cotta Warriors and much more. 

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ECUADOR and GALAPAGOS ISLANDS - Evolution of Biodiversity in Ecuador and Galápagos

The Evolution of Biodiversity in Galapagos and Ecuador is a new study abroad course for June 2015. Participants will travel in the Galapagos Islands (1 week) and in mainland Ecuador (2 weeks). Through daily field trips, readings and discussions, students will explore the unique flora and fauna of these regions, and examine the evolutionary processes underlying these global biodiversity hotspots. The course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. It is taught by Drs. Tim McDowell and Tom Laughlin of ETSU's Department of Biological Sciences. (Flyer)

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ENGLAND - CJCR 4017/5017 - Comparative Criminal Justice

Journey to London and take a look at how criminal justice is practiced around the world. Compare and contrasts the criminal justice system in the United States with justice systems in a select country. Study crime as a global problem through analysis of transnational and international crime issues. Further, learn to use comparative methods to analyze the criminal justice systems of your select country with the United States and explore an international perspective in policing, courts, and corrections.

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 ENGLAND - ENGL 4407London Theatre

A two week experience in central London attending live performances at Shakespeare's Globe, the National Theatre, the Almeida Theatre, and various other theatres in the West End and North of London.

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ITALY - Architectural History - summer course in Rome, Italy

Immerse yourself in experiential learning - Spend the summer in Rome with ACCENT and ETSU. Explore Italian monuments, churches, museums and galleries, as Rome becomes an extension of your classroom while you are studying art and architecture of the city.

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ITALY - Art, Culture, & Wood Fired Terracotta ” with Don Davis  - A Two-week Experience at Castello Spannocchia in Tuscany, Italy. (Registration Form)

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Nicaragua - EPID 5700* - Interprofessional Perspectives on Global Health

Study in Nicaragua and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work in an interprofessional healthcare team and a global health environment. Work to define global health and social justice, health priorities, as well as understand unique epidemiologic challenges in global health.

Contact  . (Brochure part 1, part 2)

*Open to all graduate/professional students who are interested in global health. Students should determine if this course fits their program requirements.

POLAND and the CZECH REPUBLIC - PSCI 4194/5194 - Politics, History, and Culture in Central East Europe

This course focuses on contemporary and historical influences on politics and culture in the democratic states of Poland and the Czech Republic. Travel with ETSU and CEPA Europe to Warsaw, Krakow, and Prague to learn about the experiences of WWII, the Holocaust, revolution, and the struggle against authoritarianism throughout history in addition to meeting current politicians and activists, members of civil society for a free press, and others. Site visits include the Warsaw Rising Museum, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Schindler Factory and Museum, Prague Castle, and the Czech Senate among others.

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 SCOTLAND and NORTHERN IRELAND - APST 4337/5337 and ENGL 4337/5337 - Appalachia in Scotland

Spend three weeks immersed in a cultural study of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Travel throughout Northern Ireland to Scotland's major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, through the Highlands to the Orkney Islands. Participate in lectures and field trips with outstanding faculty at the Universities of the Highlands and Islands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Ulster. Experience the adventure of a lifetime! 

For additional information, contact  423.439.7992 (Brochure)

SPAIN - SPAN 4737/5737 - Art at the Prado Museum & SPAN 4747/5747 - Reflections of Al Andalus in Contemporary Spain

Take a Trip to Spain and enjoy guided tours of the Prado Art Museum, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, participation the millennial tradition of the Corpus Christi Festival in Toledo, night tours of Toledo’s medieval streets, and more! 

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