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 Honors-in-Discipline Program Scholarship

Some scholarship support is available to both in-state and out-of-state participants.  After students are accepted in a program, they can be recommended for scholarships by their program coordinators, but all scholarship offers come from the Director of Honors-in-Discipline Programs.   

In order to meet minimal qualifications for an in-state or out-of-state Honors-in-Discipline scholarship, an incoming freshman ETSU student must have an ACT score of 25 or higher and a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Current students and transfers need only meet program admission standards.  

Students receiving Honors-in-Discipline scholarships, whether in-state or out-of state, must enroll in at least 15 credit hours per semester.  An exception is one capstone semester when scholarship recipients may register for only 12 hours.

Honors-in-Discipline scholarships are independent of other scholarships at ETSU, but students may not hold two tuition scholarships simultaneously (i.e., H-i-D and Academic Performance scholarships). It is intended that once Honors-in-Discipline students are awarded in-state or out-of-state H-i-D scholarships, they will retain the scholarships for the duration of their studies in that Honors program as long as they meet the retention requirements.  However, in-state students are limited to eight (8) semesters of support from Honors-in-Discipline scholarships, Academic Performance scholarships, or any combination of the two.  In addition, those students not taking courses required by their programs will see their scholarships revoked.

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USPS Mailing Address:
Honors-in-discipline Programs
The Honors College at
East Tennessee State University
PO Box 70589
Johnson City, TN 37614-1708

Phone: 423.439.7506
Fax: 423.439.6080
email:  hid.scholars@etsu.edu

Street Addresses of The Honors College offices:
  Administration: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
University & Midway Scholars: Ada Earnest House
310 S. Dossett Drive
Honors-in-Discipline Programs: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Fine & Performing Art Scholars: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Undergraduate Research: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
International Programs & Services: Yoakley Hall, Room 122
161 S. Dossett Drive

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