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ETSU Family Physicians Kingsport Staff

ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport staff

Front Row- Risa McClain, Beth Brennan, Amy Nelson, Kim Korchmar; Second row- Laura Bhola, Keena Walton, Amy Murphy, Kelly Fleenor; Third Row – Sherry Miller, Jeff McAfee, Paula Rietman; Fourth Row-  Lisa Barnett, Maggie Porambo; Fifth Row-  Whitney Torbett, Cathy Baldwin, Sharon Kindle

Beth Brennan

Beth Brennan has been involved in every step of the renovation of ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport’s new facility. From the first set of blueprints to the massive move to the new location, Beth devoted nights and weekends to making sure the projects was a success. As soon as the facility was near completion, she set up a makeshift office where she worked diligently with contractors and vendors to ensure the timely completion of the project. During the busy time, Beth continued normal job duties and juggled multiple tasks often talking with workers, emailing vendors and receiving phone calls simultaneously! Even during inclement weather, Beth traveled to Kingsport to keep everything on track for the February 24th opening. Luckily, this wasn’t Beth’s first building renovation project! In 1999, she assisted with the planning and completion of ETSU Family Physician of Bristol’s new facility. Beth’s knowledge and experience is valued by the Department of Family Medicine and we are grateful for the dedication she has shown in completing this major project.

Moving Team

On February 24th, ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport moved into a new facility after 30 years at its former location. The Family Medicine Clinic was closed only two business days to complete the massive move from one building to another, which required staff to go above and beyond in order to be ready to see patients on opening day. Not to be deterred by snow days leading up to the move, Department of Family Medicine staff and faculty came together to do any task needed, from packing and unpacking boxes to cleaning and placing furniture, as well as setting up and testing computers. It was truly a team effort that everyone at ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport can be proud of. The staff takes great pride in the new facility and the moving process has brought the Family Medicine “family” closer together!

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The Office of Human Resources requests your assistance in recognizing our outstanding ETSU employees (faculty and staff). Each month on the homepage of the Human Resources web site we feature an employee or group of employees who have displayed outstanding service to the university and/or our surrounding community. These are our employees who probably would not receive local media attention but deserve acclaim for the good work they perform. 

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