Open Classes

These classes are open to all ETSU employees. They are conducted by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the Career Skills Training for Excellence Program (CSTEP) or various ETSU staff members.
Please see the bottom of this webpage for course descriptions.


  • Advanced Internet Native Banner (INB) Workshop
  • Banner "Beginning" Internet Native Banner
  • Banner GoldLink
  • Banner Self Service Workshop
  • Beginning Internet Native Banner (INB) Workshop for Advisors

(For all classes above - please email Suzy Hooven at   to be notified of any upcoming classes.)


  • Beginning Goldlink Finance Self-Service Training
  • Advanced Goldlink Finance Self-Service Training

  • Goldlink Finance Self-Service Training for Grants



  • Creative Methods to Increase Students' Understanding of Coursework Requirements [Teaching Online]
  • Critical Thinking in the Classroom
  • Finding Funding Opportunities 101
  • Finding Grant Funding Opportunities: An Intro to COS Pivot, the funding opps database
  • Grants & Contracts: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
  • Grants: Electronic Proposal Submission Basics
  • Guided Inquiry Learning in an Online Format
  • Igniting Student Motivation
  • Internal Grant Programs for Faculty
  • Navigating the NIH
  • Navigating the NSF
  • Optimize Student Learning
  • Patents and Copyrights: Protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Taming the Online Beast: Classroom Management
  • Taming the Online Beast: New to Online
  • Teaching Critical Thinking
  • Using Online Discussions to Increase Student Engagement


  • Achieving Professional Success through Emotional Intelligence (EAP)
  • Active Listening: Essential Tools for Effective Communication (EAP)
  • Addressing Negative or Difficult Relationships (EAP)
  • Bringing Out the Best in Others
  • Career Skills Training for Excellence Program (CSTEP)
  • Communicating with Difficult Behaviors
  • Customer Service
  • DISC Training
  • eBucs Training (Please email Cathy Chapman at  to be notified of any upcoming classes.)
  • Foundations of Team Building
  • Goal Mapping for Success
  • Introduction to Computers: The Basics
  • IRB Manager System Training
  • Keyboarding 101
  • Money Basics: Spending, Borrowing and Saving It
  • Negotiating 101
  • Organize with Outlook Task
  • Persevering in Times of Workplace Change
  • Proofreading 101
  • RAD Self Defense for Women
  • Resolving Conflicts Creatively
  • Task Management: The Art of Daily Planning
  • Writing Effective Emails
  • Writing for the Workplace – Developing Clarity and Accuracy


  • Contracts 101: How to Get Your Contracts Approved
  • Employment Law/Legal Aspects of Employment
  • GA/TS Online Contract and Policies & Procedures Training
  • HIPAA Training 101
  • Immigration Workshop: Hiring Foreign Nationals
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Payroll & Human Resources Basics
  • Procard Training (Please email Helen Blevins at  to be notified of any upcoming classes.)
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Travel and Accounts Payable Procedures
  • TRS (Time Reporting System) Training
  • Use of Leave


  • Asset Allocation
  • Basic Concepts for Financial Planning
  • Budgeting-Retirement
  • Cracking the Nest Egg: From asset accumulation to distribution
  • Destination Retirement-Will You Be Ready?
  • Mapping the Road to Retirement
  • Pre-retirement Planning: Live Now, Save Now
  • Retire Planning for Women
  • Retirement Readiness



  • Advertising, Screening, and Hiring
  • Building a Winning Team
  • Conducting an Effective Interview
  • Conducting Effective Evaluations
  • Congratulations, You're in Charge Now! Go Forth and Supervise
  • From Manager to Coach: Making the Shift
  • Immigration Workshop: Hiring Foreign Nationals
  • Leading in Times of Flux: Guiding Employees through Workplace Change
  • Negotiating 101
  • Policy Guideline Training
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Resolving Conflicts Creatively
  • Tackling Difficult Performance Evaluations

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