RN-BSN Fall Admission Criteria


  • Spring RN-BSN: January 3rd, 2015 (Note: Applications will continue to be accepted after this date pending availability.)
  • Fall RN-BSN: June 1st, 2014. (Note: Applications will continue to be accepted after this date pending availability.)

Admissions Criteria

  • Must be a graduate of an NLN accredited registered nurse diploma or associate degree program.

  • Must be fully admitted to ETSU two weeks prior to classes starting. A delay in applying to the university may delay acceptance into the RN to BSN program.  

  • Must make a separate application to the College of Nursing by the deadline date and present a minimum 2.60 college grade point average (GPA), on all college-level course work.

    Developmental studies grades/quality points will not be used in the calculation of the GPA for admission purposes.

  • Must have earned a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in each required science, health science and nursing course. No more than two science/health science courses may have been repeated, and only one science/health science course may have been repeated more than once in order to achieve a minimum grade of “C” (2.0).  

  • Course work must include 45–48 semester hours of college credits:   English composition – 6 semester credits; Natural Sciences – 12 semester credits; Behavioral/Social sciences – 6 semester credits; General Education/electives – 9 semester credits; Mathematics – 3 semester credits; History – 6 semester credits; Oral communication – 3 semester credits; Using Information Technology (CSCI 1100) – 0-3 semester credits.  

    RN-BSN General Education Requirements

  • Credit may be earned by taking courses from a regionally, accredited institution or by taking departmental challenge examinations or equivalency examinations such as the CLEP.  

    CLEP Information ( policies, courses, locations). 

  • Hospital diploma graduates or graduates of non-NLN accredited associate degree programs upon successful completion of NRSE 3200 Advancing to Professional Nursing Practice, NRSE 2030 Health Assessment and NRSE 3010 Pharmacology, the student will be awarded 44 semester credits in nursing: NRSE 2020, NRSE 2310, NRSE 3030, NRSE 3031, NRSE 4040, NRSE 4041, NRSE 4050, NRSE 4051, NRSE 3070, NRSE 3071, NRSE 3080, NRSE 3081, NRSE 3090, NRSE 3091.

  • Must hold a Tennessee license in good standing as an RN or a license from a compact state. A notarized copy of the TN license must be submitted with the College of Nursing application. (Note: A notary can be located at area banks.)

  • Associate RN degree graduates upon successful completion of NRSE 3200 Advancing to Professional Nursing Practice and NRSE 2030 Health Assessment will be awarded 8 articulation semester credits from articulation agreement locations (see ETSU webpage).

Selection Process:

  • Eligible RN/BSN students will be admitted for the Fall and Spring semesters:
    • Deadlines for applications are:
      • January 3rd for the Spring RN-BSN. (applications are accepted until classes are filled.)
      • June 1st for the Fall RN-BSN. (applications are accepted until classes are filled.)

  • Eligible applicants will be rank ordered by college level grade point average; admission will be offered to the top ranked applicants and may be limited by space availability. Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space available basis. 

  • Eligible applicants who are not admitted must re-apply for the next available class.

Questions?  For additional information contact in the Office of Student Services by email or at 423.439.4528.