Billing Information

Instrument Charges  

Cisco VoIP Telephone or Digital Line and Telephone $ 43

Analog Line with Basic Telephone $ 28

Analog Line (fax, modem, etc -- no telephone) $ 22

Extension/Analog Telephone only (no line) $  6

One-time Charges   

New phone setup / Disconnect / Move / Instrument change $ 25

Digital Display unit (with installation charge) $135

Install network connection or cable TV line $280

Telephone Cost Allocation

Departments are provided with Telephone Cost Allocation statements at the beginning of each month. This detailed statement provides each budget unit with a listing of extensions billed to the individual department along with a listing of long distance calls billed to each extension. Employees are encouraged to apply for a personal long-distance PIN from Resicom for making personal long distance calls from university telephones. Any personal calls made on university telephones will be billed directly to the employee by Resicom. The budgetary unit head is responsible for ensuring that all employees are aware of the Telecommunications Policy. Please see the official policy from the Financial Procedures Manual located online at:

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