Computer Policy for Post-Retirees

ETSU is committed to providing a computer for faculty participating in post-retirement service.  When a faculty member begins post-retirement service, he or she is assigned to a group position number according to policy.  The former position number is either retained, reassigned, or deleted.  The purpose of this document is to address issues regarding computers for post-retirees and for individuals who may be hired into positions they vacate.

Providing Computers for Post-Retirees

Faculty will retain the ITS-Sponsored computer that had been assigned to their position before they began their post-retirement service.  If the faculty’s computer is due for replacement the same semester he or she begins post-retirement (applies to spring semesters only) ITS will replace it with a new computer.  The justification is that orders for replacements are taken during the fall semester and the faculty met the full-time status requirement at that time.

Except for the instance above, a post-retiree’s computer will no longer be included in ITS' Replacement Project once the post-retirement service begins.  The post-retiree will retain the same computer for the length of their post-retirement service. ITS will provide support for the computer through its 6th year of service, but after that point, the department will be responsible for any service or repairs.

Providing Computers for Positions Post-Retirees Vacate

Positions vacated by post-retirees will receive new computers once filled as part of ITS' New Faculty Installs Project.  Funding for these computers will come directly from the post-retiree’s budget.  This budget contains the faculty’s post-retirement salary, insurance supplement, and replacement cost for a new, base level, computer.  These funds are placed in the temporary faculty account of the appropriate index indicated at the time the post-retirement service agreement is negotiated. The computer replacement portion will remain in the budget until expended or until the post-retirement agreement is terminated.  Although these computers will not be purchased with ITS funds, they will still be ITS-Sponsored computers and included in ITS' Replacement Project every four years.

Active since: 2009

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