Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail Policy

This policy was adopted by the Information Technology Governance Committee on August 10, 2004. 

As email has become an integral part of the academic process, confidential information about ETSU students is being transmitted, including evaluations, grades, and financial information.  Faculty, staff, and students must recognize that although there is an expectation of privacy, unencrypted email is not a secure means of transmitting information.  While this policy does not prohibit student information from being transmitted by email, caution must be exercised regarding the content of messages.

ETSU provides each student, faculty, and staff member with an official university-assigned email account.  All official university communications will be sent to the university email address.  Faculty, staff, and students may assume that official ETSU email is a valid communication mechanism.  Therefore, the university has the right to send communications to students, faculty, and staff via email and the right to expect that those communications are received and read in a timely fashion. Although students may choose to forward university email to an external email account, he or she is responsible for all information, including attachments. 

Revised 1/2009 

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