Buc Village Fiber Components Setup

Buc Village Fiber Optic Components

WARNING: Fiber optic cables are very fragile! They are also very expensive. You cannot pull, push, crush, fold, or bind them or the core may break and render the cable useless. Be gentle when attaching or removing the cable.

These are the two ends of the fiber optic cable. The end on the left has square connectors and attaches to the splice box (white box). The end on the right has bayonet connectors and attaches to the modulator (black box).

A close-up of the square connectors.

This is the splice box. The square connectors attach here.

The cable plugged into the splice box. The connector on the cable is keyed and will only fit one way.

A closer view of the bayonet connectors.

This is the modulator. The fiber cable’s bayonet connectors attach to this device. There is a button on the top left hand side that will swap the cable signals (useful if the bayonet connectors were plugged into the wrong jacks by mistake).

The fiber cable connected to the modulator. The power cable is attached here as well.

The Ethernet cable connects to the port on top of the modulator. On the left is the button that will swap the wire signals.

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