OpenBUCS Path to Credit

We're happy that you're considering the option to pursue a path to credit for the work you've done in an OpenBUCS course! Below you'll find information on the steps involved.

Here's how the path to credit works:

1. Complete the OpenBUCS Course (or courses!) of your choice.

2. Purchase the Pre-Credit Assessment Package using our secure TouchNet portal.
Purchasing and completing the Pre-Credit Assessment Package is a prerequisite for enrolling in the for-credit portion of the course at East Tennessee State University, and you will need to provide your purchase confirmation number to register in the for-credit course.

Your Pre-Credit Assessment scores will not impact your enrollment eligibility for the for-credit portion of the course and will not contribute toward your final grade. The benefits of taking the Pre-Credit Assessment are:
• Access to electronic assessments for evaluating your mastery of course material
• Immediate feedback on assessment performance
• Help determining your comfort level and an indication of potential success in the for-credit portion of the course before you commit to an evaluation to receive a grade which will appear on your official college transcript

3. Apply to ETSU
In order to pursue credit, you will need to apply and be admitted to ETSU. For more information about applying to ETSU and admission requirements please visit our website. Please note: there is an application fee of $35.

4. Register for the for-credit portion of the OpenBUCS course.
Once you have been accepted to ETSU, please contact the ETSU Office of eLearning at to request a permit for the appropriate course. You will need to provide your full name, birthday or E number (assigned during the application process) your Pre-Credit Assessment purchase confirmation number for your request to be processed. Upon processing your request, The Office of eLearning will provide a permit and instructions on registering for the for-credit portion in our GoldLink system.

5. Complete the assignments required for faculty assessment of learning outcomes.
Coursework will be completed in ETSU's D2L (Desire2Learn) online platform. Information concerning assignments and grading for the for-credit portion of the course can be found in the final module of your OpenBUCS course. For additional questions, please contact the faculty member of record for the course.

Once the final assessment work is completed and reviewed, a grade will be assigned by the faculty member of record and applied to your official college transcript. These courses meet general education core requirements for universities in the state of Tennessee and are transferable to most universities nationwide. If you wish to transfer credit, please contact the institution you wish to transfer to for information about their specific course transfer policies.

We're here to help! If you have any additional questions, please send us an email at .