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The ETSU Faculty and Staff want you to be successful in your educational pursuits. If you have any questions or concerns, seek help EARLY. We are here to assist you.

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Fast FERPA Facts for Faculty - Here (PDF)

Important Dates

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific drop/add, refund, and withdrawal dates. 

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ETSU Diversity Statement

East Tennessee State University recognizes that the pursuit of knowledge and understanding is enriched by an environment in which people of diverse backgrounds learn together and from each other, and participate in free and genuine exchange of views. It recognizes that all members of the University community benefit from diversity and that the quality of learning, research, scholarship and creative activities is enhanced by a campus climate of inclusion, understanding, and appreciation of differences and the full range of human experience. ETSU must prepare students to function successfully in a diverse society. A university diverse in its people, curricula, scholarship, research, and creative activities expands opportunities for intellectual inquiry and engagement, helps students develop critical thinking skills, and prepares students for social and civic responsibilities.

ETSU aspires to be an institution that celebrates diversity by welcoming all students, faculty, administrators and staff as respected and valued participants in the University's educational mission. Therefore, ETSU welcomes people of different races, ethnicities, religions, creeds, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, physical abilities, ages, veteran status, and social, economic, or educational backgrounds. ETSU is particularly committed to welcoming groups that have been traditionally underrepresented or excluded. The University also supports and encourages the promotion of diversity in its curricula, programs, faculty research, scholarship, and creative activities.

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Honor Code

East Tennessee State University is committed to developing the intellect and ethical behavior of its students.  Students found to be in violation of policies on plagiarism, cheating, and/or fabrication will be held accountable for their actions.  Any knowledge of academic misconduct should be reported.  Students are expected to act with honesty, integrity, and civility in all matters.

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Honor Pledge

By becoming a member of the campus community, students agree to live by the standards of the honor code and, threby, pledge the following: "I pledge to act with honesty, integrity, and civility in all matters."  (Honor Code and Pledge revised and adopted February 16, 2012.)

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All registered ETSU students have a campus email account (GoldMail). Please activate your account and check email weekly. Email is our primary communication resource for students. Follow directions at:

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Many courses require prerequisites or special approval of the instructor prior to registration. Students should verify they meet the requirements for course registration in the university undergraduate or graduate catalog. Failure to comply with the stated prerequisites may result in the student being withdrawn from a course.

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Academic Accommodations For Students with Disabilities

It is the policy of ETSU to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal law, state law and the University's commitment to equal educational opportunities. Any student with a disability who needs accommodations, for example arrangement for examinations or seating placement, should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. Faculty accommodation forms are provided to eligible students by Disability Services. Disability Services is located in the D.P. Culp Center, Room 326, telephone 439-8346.

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Permits and Overrides

A student may add courses with special permission in the form of an electronic permit if the courses have reached the established maximum enrollment. To add any class that has reached the enrollment limit requires permission of the instructor and department chair. After the registration/late add period, special permission in the form of a hard copy late add form and an electronic permit must be obtained from the instructor, the department chair, the dean and the registrar. Students may view permits on GoldLink under Registration Status.

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How to Contact a Faculty Member

If you have questions regarding your class, talk to your instructor. Faculty members usually include their office hours, and/or phone number in your class syllabus. If you cannot locate this information, set a time to meet with your instructor by speaking with him/her prior to or immediately following your class session. You may also conduct a "People Search" on to obtain email information.

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Class Attendance

Class attendance is important!- Attendance usually has a high correlation with how well you do in a course. It is important to talk to your instructor about any absences. Many instructors consider attendance so essential that your grade will be affected by your absence. SOME DEPARTMENTS AND PROFESSORS HAVE MANDATORY ATTENDANCE POLICIES. Your Financial Aid will be reduced if you do not attend class. Check your course syllabus, or ask your instructor, for this information.

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Advisement Policy

All students who entered ETSU with less than 60 credits earned are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration each semester. Transfer students are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration for the first and second term of enrollment. Readmitted students are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration their first term back at ETSU. These are the minimum advisement requirements. Some colleges and departments may have additional advisement requirements. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine advisement requirement.  Please visit  or contact the ARC for a referral ( or 423-439-8650).

Where to Go For Help

Advisement Resources Career Center (ARC)

The Advisement, Resources, and Career Center (ARC) is located on the second level of the D.P. Culp University Center next to the Bookstore, phone 423-439-8650.
The ARC is staffed by professionals who evaluate students' academic progress as it relates to their personal aspirations and career goals. In addition to advising students, referrals for additional academic assistance are made when necessary. The ARC is user-friendly so that students can access advisement, career , and support serves without ever leaving the facility. The ARC serves as a primary resource for students who have a variety of needs including those who are entering the university for the first time, those that are unsure about an academic major or career option, and those who wish to take advantage of various academic support services to enhance their classroom learning. The ARC incorporates several academic and student support services listed below.

  • University Advisement Center (439-5244) The UAC provides academic, career, and personal counseling to those students who have not declared a specific major and those requiring Learning Support (students requiring Learning Support should see their major advisor) courses. By focusing on all aspects of student life, the UAC is able to assist each student in the accomplishment of academic success and attaining personal goals. Counselors help students understand academic requirements and identify career options that affirm their academic strengths and interests. As a campus resource, counselors assist students with accessing the wide variety of campus services to meet their needs. Visit our web site at or call423-439-5244.
  • Adult, Commuter, and Transfer Services (439-5641) Personalized counseling advisement for adult, commuter, and transfer students. Commuting student services: rideshare, off-campus housing listings, transit schedules, area maps, and childcare information. One-Stop Shopping: campus forms, applications, catalogs, schedules, and information. Scholarships: Re-entry Student Scholarship. Student Organizations: Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) the adult honor society, and Tau Sigma, the honor society for transfer students. . Advocates for adult, commuter, and transfer students to the greater campus community. Visit our web site at
  • Center for Advisement and Student Excellence (CASE) (439-5602)
    Associate Dean for College of Arts and Sciences available in the ARC for dean's signature on student documents. Limited advisement available for majors in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Biology majors with fewer than 60 earned credits, Mass Communications - undecided concentration and Radio/TV/Film concentration, Psychology (< 60 credits), See web site for more details: .
  • University Career Services (439-4450)
    Provides students and alumni with individual assistance in researching, planning and locating job and internship opportunities. Internships, available in most disciplines, offer an opportunity to earn academic credit for approved work experience in business, industry, government, and health agencies. The office maintains BucLink, an employer generated job list and search service at All students are encouraged to register on BucLink and visit the UCS office for help with resumes, effective job search techniques, preparing for interviews, and other career-related assistance. Numerous class presentations, on-campus interviews, career fairs and special programs are sponsored throughout the year.
    Medical Professions Advisement Program (423-439-5602) The Office of Medical Professions Advisement provides information, academic advisement, and other support functions to students who wish to be admitted to professional schools in medically related disciplines. Among those are disciplines in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, osteopathic medicine, physician assistant, podiatry, optometry, veterinary medicine, and chiropractic medicine. Premedical professions are programs, not majors. Students are encouraged to select an academic major in addition to meeting admissions requirements for the professional school of their choice. Professional schools do not usually require or even suggest a specific major and/or minor, but most schools do recommend that students seek a solid, broad-based, general undergraduate education with substantial exposure to the humanities and social sciences while excelling in science and math. In addition, students are expected to participate in practical experience/shadowing and volunteerism throughout their college experience. For more information please contact our office at 423-439-5602 or visit our web site at
  • Career Exploration Center (423-439-8651) Located in the ARC, the Career Exploration Center is a starting place for students who are uncertain about their choice of academic major or career. With the assistance of our professional staff, career interest inventories, personality inventories, and an extensive career library, we can help students identify career options that suit their personal needs. These services are free to current ETSU students. Limited services are available to potential students and ETSU alumni. Visit our website at

Scholarship Office - (439-7094)- Located on the 2nd floor of the Culp in the Welcome Center. Coordinates most of the academic and need based scholarships. The office provides information and scholarship applications for ETSU scholarships and serves as a resource for external scholarship information.  Visit our website at

Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Renewal Criteria
Do you have a Tennessee Education Lottery (TELS) Scholarship?  To retain Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship eligibility, you must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.75 after 24 and 48 attempted TELS hours and a cumulative TELS GPA of 3.0 at the 72 and 96 attempted TELS hour checkpoints.  You may qualify with a 2.75 cumulative TELS GPA after 72 attempted TELS hours and/or 96 attempted TELS hours if you are enrolled full-time and have earned a semester GPA of at least 3.0 for the term in which you reach the checkpoint. Dropping a class may negatively impact your eligibility for a TELS award.  If your enrollment status changes from full-time (12 hours or more)  to part-time (11 hours or less)  or from half-time (6-11 hours) to less than half-time (less than 6 hours) you will lose your TELS eligibility for all future terms.  You must also stay continuously enrolled (at least one credit hour) each fall and spring term in order to remain TELS eligible.  Appeals are available in situations of extenuating circumstances. TELS recipients are eligible to receive the scholarship for a maximum of five years from the date of initial enrollment, or until reaching 120 attempted lottery hours or earning a baccalaureate degree.

 For additional TELS rules go to:

Student Support Services is a federally funded TRIO program that provides tutoring, academic advising, personal and career counseling, peer career mentoring, and job shadowing to eligible students. Call 439-5396 or visit for more information and eligibility requirements.

Mental Health
Students often have questions about mental health resources, whether for themselves or a friend or family member.  There are many resources available on the ETSU Campus, including:

ETSU Counseling Center:    423-439-4841
ETSU Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic:     423-439-7777
ETSU Community Clinic:       423-439-4187

If you or a friend are in immediate crisis, Call 911.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours per day at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

For helpful information on campus resources and mental health visit or

Counseling Center (340 Culp)
- The Counseling Center is staffed by psychologists and other mental health professionals, who provide personal counseling, career counseling, psychiatric services, consultation, and educational programs. Counseling services are confidential and free to all ETSU students. Also, the Counseling Center staff teach the course "Solving the Puzzle of Life" (HDAL 2350). CALL 439-4841, or visit our web site:

School of Graduate Studies (309 Burgin E. Dossett Hall, P. O. Box 70720) - The Graduate Office provides information on the GRE, GMAT, graduate assistantships, and all Graduate School offerings. CALL 439-4221 or visit our website at

Student Government Association (SGA) (423-439-5325) Visit or email .

Campus Recreation - Campus Recreation offers programs and services through the Basler Center for Physical Activity and Basler Challenge Course in five areas: intramurals, fitness, outdoor adventure, non-credit instruction, and sports clubs. Any questions regarding the programs and services offered by the Department may be answered by visiting our web site at or by calling 439-7980.

Center for Academic Achievement (423-439-7111)
Located on the first floor of the Sherrod Library, the Center for Academic Achievement (CFAA) is the place to go for help with writing and speaking, library research, core math and science courses, and other subjects. the center offers tutoring on a walk-in and appointment basis and is open during library hours, including nights and weekends. Call 439-7111 or go to for more information.

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Library Hours

Sherrod Library:                      866-542-3878
ETSU at Kingsport Library:      423-392-8010
Medical Library:                      423-439-6252

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Kingsport Campus

ETSU at Kingsport serves to make your college career a positive experience. We have a convenient location, accessible parking close to the building, a friendly atmosphere, more than 100 courses from which to choose, and a wide variety of services designed to make your life a little easier.

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Office of Information Technology Labs

For information on all OIT labs, call 423-439-8211. Information on equipment, location, and operating systems is also available at

Other open labs and contacts:

D.P. Culp Computer Lab

Lucille Clement Computer Lab (439-7913)

Library Computer Lab (439-5334)

Sam Wilson 318/320 (contact College of Business, 439-5271), Kingsport Center (contact main office, 392-8000)

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Special Bookstore Hours

The ETSU Bookstore has special hours at the beginning of each  Semester. For more information please call 423-439-4436.

For information about our off-campus location, the College Store, located on West Walnut Street, call 926-0838.

For information about the Kingsport Bookstore's hours, call 392-8000.

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Core Exit Examination

This exam is required for graduation and should be taken when students have completed 96 hours and their general education courses. To register for the test, go to the University Testing Center web site at


Graduation Information

Students should file their Intent to Graduate two semesters prior to graduation. Visit: for more information.
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Faculty Regalia

Faculty regalia may be ordered using the following order form:

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