Q: Where do I get the RODP Permit Form?

The RODP permit form can be filled out online at this link.  Once filled out please allow 24-36 hours for you permit to be entered.  Once your permit has been issued you will need to login to Goldlink to register for your course.

Q: Why do RODP courses show as being Closed in Goldlink?

RODP courses require a permit in order to be open for registration.  The permit form can be filled out at this link.  Once the permit is issued you will be able to register for the course in Goldlink.

Q: Where do I login to my RODP class?

The URL for your RODP class can be found at:

Q: Are my login username and password different (How do I login)?

Yes, you will have a different RODP login and password than your official ETSU login. It will initially be based on the following but you can reset it to something different on your first login.

Username:  the first intial of your first name + your full last name + the month and day of your birthday  Example:  jsmith0327

Password:  the password is your full six digit birthdate (mmddyy).  Example:  032781

Q: What do I do if I'm having login issues or my course is not showing up?

Contact the RODP Help Desk at:  or 1-888-223-0023

Q: Do RODP courses cost more than ETSU courses?

There is a $94/hr fee in addition to your ETSU tuition to take an RODP course.

Q: Will my teacher be located at ETSU?

Your Instructor could be located at any of the Colleges or Universities in the TBR RODP system.  The Goldlink listing for the course will list the delivering Institution.

Q: Are RODP courses entirely online?

RODP courses are offered entirely online with the exception of some courses that may require you to have a proctored mid-term or final exam.  You can contact Myra Jones at 423-439-8616 or to setup a proctor at ETSU.  More information about RODP Proctoring can be found at this link.



RODP Permit Form:
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RODP Login Issues: