In fall 2011, a working group was tasked with making recommendations to the Senate regarding the existing standing committees. The recommendations, approved by the Senate in April 2012, were for most of the standing committees to be dissolved and for issues/concerns raised to be assigned to working groups or ad hoc committees that would be convened to address those specific issues/concerns.


Elections Committee (oversees elections for Senate Officers and At-Large Executive Committee Members)

Randy Byington

Jerry Taylor

Virginia Foley

Executive Committee (Meets each Monday Full Senate doesn't Meet)

President-Randy Byington

Vice President-Virginia Foley

Past President-Tom Schacht

Chief Operating Officer-Tom Laughlin

Secretary-Melissa Shafer

Treasurer-Susan Epps

TBR Faculty SubCouncil Rep-Jim Bitter

Webmaster-Doug Burgess/Susan Epps

At-large members:

Cathy Campbell

Lorianne Mitchell

Ken Kellogg 

Faculty Concerns and Grievances (hears and makes recommendations regarding faculty concerns and grievances)

Doug Burgess, Chair

Roz Gann

Dave Arnall

Jerome Mwinyelle

Allan Forsman

Patrick Brown

Faculty Handbook Committee

David Champouillon, Chair

Health Sciences Faculty Rep-Tom Schacht

Health Sciences Faculty Rep-Sally Blowers

Academic Affairs Faculty Rep-Tom Laughlin

Academic Affairs Faculty Rep-Kathryn Sharp

Committee on Committees
(selects members to fill vacancies on University committees)

Tom Schacht, Chair

Sally Blowers

Bruce Dalton

Jim Thigpen

Kathryn Sharp