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academic alert

Faculty Participating in the Academic Alert Program (GradesFirst)

Progress Report Campaign – Academic Alert

Improving student success requires identifying students who need assistance. East Tennessee State University is committed to student success. The Academic Alert program using GradesFirst technology simplifies the ability for a faculty member to identify students who need assistance or who may be "at risk’ of failing a course.  

During the 3rd week of the semester, faculty who have one or more freshmen students in their course(s) will receive an e-mail with a link to enter GradesFirst.  Upon clicking the link, faculty will then see all of their course sections with only the Freshmen students listed. Faculty can then indicate students about whom they have a concern. Once entered, two things happen simultaneously - the s tudent receives an e-mail generated by GradesFirst notifying them that an academic alert report has been sent by one of their professors and the progress report alert is received by Dr. Warner and Jennifer Rice in the ARC.  Contact information for the ARC and instructions for next steps is contained in the e-mail received by the student.

concerned about a student’s progress, can access  the Academic Alert Progress Report form at any time through the GradesFirst program. We refer to this process as an "anytime alert". Alerts from faculty are answered by staff who will then contact the student to offer consultation and referral as appropriate to university support services. 


What is Academic Alert?
Academic Alert is a program for Freshmen students that provide professors the opportunity to identify students who appear to be having academic difficulty in a class. A student may receive an academic alert due to attendance, poor grades, personal issues, etc. 
How does Academic Alert work? 
Professors will notify the Academic Alert advisors in the ARC. Students will then be contacted by phone, text and e-mail.
What should I do if I receive an Academic Alert?
You should respond by phone or e-mail immediately to discuss the situation.
How do students benefit from Academic Alert?
Students will receive personalized attention to work toward a successful resolution based on the situation. If needed, referrals to appropriate campus resources will be made. Our goal is to help students succeed and graduate! 
Academic Alert Advisors (in the ARC)
(423) 439-8650
2nd floor - D.P. Culp Center
 For additional information, contact Carla Warner at or Jennifer Rice at