BCC and Climbing Walls

The ETSU Department of Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventure program offers patrons multiple route 40 foot climbing and caving walls to enjoy. The indoor wall is open during peak hours during the week. The outdoor wall also operates during peak business hours of the CPA as long as weather and daylight allows.  Team building and challenge course programs are available for the ETSU community, as well as for non-campus groups.

COMING SOON – The new Basler Team Challenge and Aerial Adventure Course

Located on ETSU’s campus at the corner of Greenwood & Seehorn

The ETSU Outdoor Adventure program’s new challenge course consists of both low elements and high elements.  The low and high elements are for group use and team building programs.  The high elements can also cater to individual use during Open Outdoor Rec hours.

One of the most intriguing new components it the Aerial Adventure course comprised of 21 unique climbing, zipping, walking, jumping, balancing, and swinging challenges as participants move from one platform to another.  They are anchored to several large telephone poles at 3 different heights above the ground, which offers a range of features with varying levels of difficulty to allow you to stretch your limits, both physically and mentally, while harnessed up and safely on belay.  No experience is necessary, the Aerial Adventure Course is fun and challenging for participants.

The impressive new 44 foot climbing tower will feature the following new components: zip line exit, a giant swing, rappelling, and bouldering. 

Please check back after May 15th for reservation information. 

Please click here for group pricing for team building or group activities.  Please note: with the opening of the new course there will now be fees associated for ETSU student organizations, groups, classes, and departments that want to schedule a team building program or group activity time on the low or high elements of the course.   The course will be open to serve local non-profit and business groups pending staff and course availability. 

Click here to check out the cool time lapse video of the beginning stages of construction for the new Basler Team Challenge & Aerial Adventure Course.

Basler Challenge Course Reservation Procedures (Team Building)
1. Contact Campus Recreation Adventure Program coordinator; 439-7981.
2. Complete Basler Challenge Course Planning Form.  Include preferred dates and times as well as some alternatives.
3. Return the BCC Planning Form to Campus Recreation Adventure Program Coordinator a minimum of two weeks prior to preferred date.
4. Adventure Coordinator will schedule preferred date or alternative date.
5. A confirmation letter will be sent to the group leader stating program dates, times, number of participants and activities to be presented.
6. Master copies of “Future Participant” letter, “Acknowledgement of Risk/Informed Consent” and “Medical Information” forms will be included with the confirmation letter.  Photocopy the appropriate number of forms for your group.  Completing and returning these forms to the Campus Recreation Adventure Coordinator prior to the program date will help maximize activity time.


Open Climb* Starts Monday, June 6th - August 12th  

Monday-Thursday: 4:00-7:00pm

Friday  - Sunday: Closed

*The Outdoor Climbing Wall is now offline, due to stadium construction. All climbing wall hours will now take place at the indoor wall inside the CPA.

During rainy weather,  outdoor climb will be moved to the indoor wall during this time. Climbing wall hours are subject to change due to inclement weather and other special programming. To assure that the climbing wall is open, feel free to contact the Basler Center at 439.7980. Any other questions can be directed to the Outdoor Adventure coordinator at 439.7981.


Climbing Wall Rules
Climbing facilities include the CPA Indoor Wall and the Outdoor Climbing Tower at the Basler Team Challenge & Aerial Adventure Course.  The following Climbing policies and procedures have been developed for the safe and enjoyable use of these facilities.

1. Minimum age requirement is 12 years.   Under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
2. All climbers must have a completed and signed “Medical Questionnaire” form and “Acknowledgement of Risk, Informed Consent and Release of Liability” agreement on file at each climbing site.
3. All climbers must sign “Climber’s Log” before climbing.
4. All Climbers must wear their “Climber’s Card” when harnessed.
5. Remove jewelry, empty pockets and use safety straps for glasses.
6. Authorized instructors must be present and attentive.
7. Closed face shoes are required.   Climbing shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes and hiking boots are acceptable – no sandals!
8. Ball chalk only, no loose chalk, no chalk on ropes.
9. No horseplay or unsafe conduct will be tolerated!
10. Proper care of equipment is a must.  No stepping on ropes, dropping/tossing carabiners/belay devices, or other unsafe actions.
11. Proper climbing procedures and commands must be used.
12. Problems such as accidents, loose holds and equipment damage must be reported to staff immediately.

For policies and procedures regarding personal harness use, bouldering, belay authorization, lead climbing, helmet use please refer to staff members on duty. 

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